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Rally Trinidad 2010 – Opening Ceremony

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Rally Trinidad 2010 – Opening Ceremony

Rally Trinidad 2010 was sponsored by The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs (MSYA), STAG – A Man’s Beer, ULTRA Lubricants, Dasani Water, Tropical Power, Full Throttle Energy Drink, Illuminat and was put on by the Trinidad & Tobago Rally Club (TTRC).

Another first for the Rally Club – a gala opening ceremony for Rally Trinidad – an agenda that mixed local culture with rally cars. Brainchild of Robert Cadiz – VP, Administration – the location was in the Savannah, opposite TGIF, the ramp and stage courtesy Tropical Power. Moko Jumbies also sponsored by Tropical Power, each wearing the colours of the participating countries’ national flags. The first set of photos on this page show some action from the Shell Lubricants team during an early morning shakedown.

After a shakedown earlier Friday morning, TTRC held the opening ceremony on the tarmac area of the Queen’s Park Savannah at around 5pm. Trini culture was one display complete with tassa and mas costumes. 40 confirmed competitors lined up before running a short dexterity course designed more as a display, before driving up a ramp to a stage where the drivers were interviewed briefly about their thoughts on the upcoming weekend of rally.

Be sure to check user uploaded VIDEOS of Rally Trinidad 2010 on the Rally channel of 2NR-TV – Click here.

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