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Racing at Wallerfield – How soon?

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Racing at Wallerfield – How soon?

The new Minister of Sport Anil Roberts followed up on his promise immediately after the recent Elections to make a site visit to Wallerfield, which he did on on Wednesday 2nd June.

Here is the follow up to that visit:

Right after the Wallerfield visit, there was a meeting held at the home of Mr. Jameer Ali. Jameer has been pushing the initiative to return to Wallerfield even before the recent elections. Soon after that meeting, discussions were been held among the major players and interested parties and it was agreed to develop some correspondence showing the willingness of all those bodies to work together and to develop a plan of action for the way forward. Minister Roberts has repeated that if all are not together, nothing will happen!

Since then the major registered bodies, recognized by the Ministry of Sport & Youth Affairs (MSYA) have submitted written correspondence clearly indicating that all parties are on board and ready to cooperate. This being done, the Minister had further discussions with his Ministerial working committee last week and this week.

Plans are now being made to have an event soon at Wallerfield, not for racing though, as the facility is not yet ready, but instead for a relaxed evening to celebrate the new initiatives of returning to Wallerfield as a home for Motor Racing.

However we are advised and reminded that Wallerfield is an active construction site with:

  • some areas not conducive to the public and crowds freely moving around.
  • Health and safety restrictions demand that certain apparel be mandatory at this location
  • Electrical and Gas lines have been laid underground and some of these are still not totally sealed off.
  • Any access permitted to any group must have appropriate Public Liability Insurance coverage to protect those at the location.

    In light of the above, the Minister must now seek special approval for access via a controlled and limited route to any area that we may be permitted to access for our next visit – the first visit was conducted under special circumstances, but note that this was less than 50 persons, as opposed to the large crowds who would obviously turn up for the next excursion to celebrate our returning to our treasured home for Motor Sport.

    The Minister has now indicated that all arrangements for this can possibly be done in the next two weeks and is asking that we all have the necessary patience to ensure that he can achieve his goal to have us all safely return to Wallerfield without breaching the safety conditions that must be respected.

    Stay tuned to TriniTuner for updates on this and more.

    8 Responses to “Racing at Wallerfield – How soon?”

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      Jun 22nd, 2010

      we in the second week .. jus come out n give us the bad news already. sigh

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      Jun 23rd, 2010

      i think some documents has to be signed or something so i’ve heard. until that happens, theres no racing? how true is this?

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      Jun 23rd, 2010

      I have been to waller field within the last two weeks and I honestly say that having driven around and viewed the remnants of both the southern and northern runways, I dont think that there will be any drag racing there for some time.
      Whoever suggested that there will be racing any time soon is wide awake in a dream.

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      Jun 24th, 2010

      Heard it not happening at Wallers anymore to much complications and they are looking at some other options.

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      miguel granville

      Jun 29th, 2010

      whattttt?????? :(

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      Jun 29th, 2010

      Triumph wrote:
      Whoever suggested that there will be racing any time soon is wide awake in a dream.

      TriniGT wrote:
      Heard it not happening at Wallers anymore to much complications and they are looking at some other options.

      Wallerfield is no longer suitable for a racing complex.

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      Jun 29th, 2010

      well sheit that,streets for it as usual.govt fault…

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      Jun 30th, 2010

      chrisville wrote:
      well sheit that,streets for it as usual.govt fault…

      Yes, the govt. has failed to recognise motor racing as a sport, maybe if we incorporate a foot ball or a cricket ball we could finally get the recognition that we deserve.

      But I blame TTASA more than the govt. If we had a fully functioning association then we would not have lost the track. It is TTASA’s failure to deal with the issue in a timely manner that caused us to lose the track. They actually thought that they could not be evicted from waller field, as if they had squatters rights.

      The waller field complex is a massive piece of real estate and we only need a small piece but it is now too late.

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