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Stance Movement – Car Park Lime

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Stance Movement – Car Park Lime
Written by Riaz Shamil Ali

Larry Gomes Parking Lot, Arima.

With the hype rising towards the “Stance Nationals – One” event in September; we decided to do a small car park lime and photo shoot to screen some of the cars that were interested. Despite the fact that this was planned and executed in a matter of days, the afternoon was enjoyable and different; a breath of fresh air for a change… from the usual ‘bling’ and ’sound-off’ events that we’re accustomed to.

Tuners got a chance to exchange ideas and admire each others rides, a chance to ask questions and give some good advice. We now have a betterĀ  aooportunity to show the rest of the world, the quality of vehicles and photography we possess locally…

Since ‘Stance’ is all about how a vehicle sits on it’s wheels and suspension, with respect to ride height, camber, tire profile, wheel width, fitment and offset… we hope that these meets would help local tuners to come forward and show off their ‘Stance’, encourage them to step up in their game and indulge in auto trends and tuner fashions taking the international industry by storm. It’s all about staggered wheels, big brakes, big exhausts, racing seats and harnesses… all race inspired design where form follows function. If your car is built to race and handle then it belongs here. It’s a totally different kind of “car show”.

This was just a teaser of our main ‘Gathering’ in September at Grand Bazaar… and just one out of many spontaneous meets we wish to have in time to come, focusing mainly on the type of vehicles we don’t normally see at our local car shows. These meets are all non-profit and free to indulge… we choose to showcase and highlight our local tuning culture and performance lifestyle… and create events in which tuner’s can all come together to meet, greet, have fun and exchange ideas.

There is no rivalry or competitions involved…… it’s all about having a good time. See you all at our next meet…

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