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Stance Movement – Boost Cruisin’ : Car Park Lime 2

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Stance Movement – Boost Cruisin’ : Car Park Lime 2

So it has been three months since the Stance Movement has been introduced, and one month away from our main event in september : Stance Nationals – ONE… So we decided to do a second shoot-out & car park meet, this time at Trincity Mall. The turn out was much better this time around, receiving attention from tuners all around the country and spectators alike.

At this meet we had a stronger blend of JDM rear wheels present, there were R32s, 33s and 34s… a sweet kouki and a zenkei s14. An MK3 & MK4 Supra were also present in the line up, as well as some crazy evos from south. There was even an insane s2000 on air ride, yet bone stock. Also a pair of legacies to die for… We saw a nice mix this time around and received solid support from local tuners who share the same interest as ourselves… coming out and representing the local tuning culture.

Rally was on for that day, so we saw a shortage of photographers… never the less, our guys handled the afternoon very nicely, getting some beautiful shots of our local monsters. There were a few nicely done euros also present, showing a greater need for the euro tuners to come out and represent. Everyone seemed to enjoy the lime and especially the cruise to Price Plaza down the highway… The cars received heavy attention, as locals hardly ever see all these rides in one clique driving together. The public definitely likes our vibe…

It’s all about the photos, the videos and the lime… after a day of rain, the afternoon was apparently spared just for us, making our second meet a sweet success. As we look forward for the main event in Septemeber in Grand Bazaar, we invite all tuners to come out and represent… remember all vehicles must be registered first to enter on that day, Sept. 25th 2010. We also have tents available for any garages, speed shops and tuners who are interested in promoting their brand at our event. The number to call is 466-6600 or email us at registration will close off on Sept. 10th 2010… so register early!

Remember this is not a car show… it’s Trinidad’s first ever Offcial Tuners Meet. So if you’re into huge chrome wheels, vertical doors, neon lights, flakes in your paint and over generous car audio – this is not the place for you. We’re all about big brakes, staggered & deep offset wheels, racing gears, coil over setups, well presented engine bays and speed gadgets… anything performance dedicated and all about the performance look… from carbon fiber to canards, to mild JDM aero dynamics… all attention to detail and choice.

So however you choose to achieve that insane stance… here’s the place to come show it off & have a great time doing it…

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