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TTRC Rally Finale 2010 – Preysal

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TTRC Rally Finale 2010 – Preysal


By Jacqueline Alexis, TTRC PRO

Rezan “Mr. Consistent” Mohammed is TTRC’s 2WD winner after Rally Finale and the Club’s Champion Driver of the Year for the 2nd consecutive year!

From a field of 24 registered cars, Mohammed who was co-driven by Arshad Mondro in their Shell Helix / Vigourade sponsored Mitsubishi Colt, bested Jamaican arch-rival “Ricky” Bobby Marshall and co-driver Trinidadian Anand Awai after a year long battle of driving skills to retain the 2WD champion title. Marshall joined the Club’s 2010 Championship at its invitation and these 2 competitors certainly kept the competitiveness in the 2WD category fierce and vibrant.

The sun finally broke through on Saturday 23rd October after a week of continuous inclement weather, to allow the rally boys to run their ultimate event in Preysal once more. Mother Nature had presented several challenges to the course architects and the hot sun dried out the route somewhat but still gave the rally drivers reason to be extra careful.

Rally Finale typically starts in the afternoon so that there are a couple of runs in the night. This early night motor sport action draws out the crowd and that Saturday was no exception.  Cars lined the roadway bumper-to-bumper; the car parks and environs were filled with several hundreds of loudly cheering motorsport fans who came to watch the high speed sideways action and bet on who will get the 2WD crown. Mohammed was in blistering fine form as his average time of 2 minutes 9 seconds can attest, maintaining an overall average lead of 8 seconds over the Jamaican. Marshall was hot on his heels but experienced gearbox problems and was able to complete only 3 of the 6 stages contested.

Still in the 2WD category, class 2-3 was won by Roger Mckenzie and Joshua Plaza driving their Rallymac Motors / Evo Signs sponsored Toyota RunX.  Mckenzie has been finishing in 2nd and 3rd places and it was good to see him secure 1st place honours. Following Mckenzie were James Harris / Craig Sumair’s Tropical Engineering sponsored B13 and Zak Waddell / Brent Lewis in their Fretwroks Ltd / Waddell Accountants sponsored Lotus 7. Ansel Ali / Ken Mohammed in their Amsoil / Xtreme Fireworks sponsored Mazda 323 and Shelford Robinson / Rajesh Jairam’s Tyre Clinic sponsored B13, took 2nd and 3rd podium finishes respectively in 2WD class 2-4.

Not to be outshone by their 2WD compatriots, there was also keen high speed action in the 4WD category as the John Powell / Nicholas Telfer team in their Shell Helix/ Intercontinental Shipping sponsored Evo IX, literally flew on the 3km course in an average of 1 minute 55 seconds. Spurred on by Ainsley Lochan / Robert Dumas in their Stag / Ultra / Josef’s sponsored Evo IX, who recorded the fastest time of 1 minutes 47 seconds on the 2nd stage, Powell responded with an exact time of his own in the 3rd stage and just to show that he can do it, he up-ended Lochan with a fiery 1 minute 46 seconds in the 4th stage to take away the Rally Finale 4WD title.

Cristian Bourne / Rikard Asbjornsen who joined the Club this year, grabbed the 2nd place 4WD class 2-N trophy in their Crism sponsored EVO VII from David Coelho and James Harris, who trailed him by 14 seconds overall in their Subway / Total sponsored Evo IX. Kumar Ramdass / Matthew Russell’s Plant Solution sponsored EVO III and Gobin Mahadeo / Graveney Dindial’s Mahadeo Auto sponsored Subaru secured 2nd and 3rd honours in 4WD class 3-A.

Meanwhile back in the Service area, DJ Cin and MC Jeffrey Johnson were keeping the crowd entertained in between runs and the smells of the pots from Sham the Curry Duck King and Trinipecans, were keeping them hungry.

A surprise finish from the Rally Club executives saw a massive display of fireworks from Xtreme Fireworks, that drew oohs and aahs from everyone, thus signaling the end of another Championship, another successful year of high speed stages rallying.

The TTRC would like to thank all who made the 2010 High Speed Stages season a memorable one.  We acknowledge all Officials, Marshals, Teams, Sponsors, Photographers, Digital media and our many well-wishers.

The Club’s Annual Prize Giving Function occurs on Friday 10th December when awards will be handed out to well deserving folks.

Hope to see you all in 2011!


2WD category, 2-4 class
1st         Rezan Mohammed / Arshad Mondro
2nd        Ansel Ali / Ken Mohammed
3rd         Shelford Robinson / Rajesh Jairam

2WD category, 2-3 class
1st         Roger Mckenzie / Joshua Plaza
2nd        James Harris / Craig Sumair
3rd         Zak Waddell / Brent Lewis

4WD category, 3-A
1st         Ainsley Lochan / Robert Dumas
2nd        Kumar Ramdass / Matthew Russell
3rd         Gobin Mahadeo / Graveney Dindial

4WD category, 2-N
1st         John Powell / Nicholas Telfer
2nd        Cristian Bourne / Rikard Asbjornson
3rd         David Coelho / James Harris

Overall Winners
1st         John Powell / Nicholas Telfer
2nd        Ainsley Lochan / Robert Dumas
3rd         Cristian Bourne / Rikard Asbjornson

Best Team
Shell Helix         Rezan Mohammed / Arshad Mondro and John Powell / Nicholas Telfer

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