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TTKA Kart Racing #6

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TTKA Kart Racing #6

The rain skirted Arima Race Club for TTKA’s event # 6 this past Sunday 17th July. With only four more events left for the rest of the 2011 season, there were some important points to be earned. The race day provided lots of excitement, despite the smaller competitor group than usual, particularly with the anti clockwise race direction, which, on previous occasions, provided some gripping entertainment.

The youngsters of TTKA yet again, showed their future potential by putting on a fine display of driving skills in both the Minimax and Cadet Class. With the return of Aamir Mohammed in his new Minimax kart and his clinching of pole position in qualifying, the battle was on from early with himself and current class leader Nicholas Madan. In the end, it was Nicholas who was able to take the first place podium finish over Aamir with just a two point margin, and third place going to Isa Deen. In the cadet class, Enrique De Leon was able to further increase his lead in championship points by taking the first place overall in this class, followed by Jonmycal Sant, and third place going to Mathew Philip.

The drivers in 100cc class divided themselves into two separate groups during all three heats. The battle was on for first place in all heats between current class leader Saleem Deen and Shane Pinheiro.  Haymant Singh, Chris Sukbir and Randoll Doon, tousled and changed positions during all three heats and it was an unfortunate flat tyre during the second heat for Haymant that caused him to fall out of a podium finish. In the end relative new comer Chris Sukbir took the third place overall, with Saleem taking first place and Shane taking second.

Gerard Carrington dominated Rotax Masters in all three heats over a seven kart group, setting the fastest lap in this group in all heats. Yet again, this was also a class that divided itself into two distinct groups with Gerard, George Deen and Aslim Ali making up the front group and Anil Ramdeen, Sunil Seepersad, Rae Smith and Colin Ablack battling in the second group. There was no catching Gerard, however, who took home the first place podium finish. George and Aslim battled behind Gerard for that second and third place, but it was Aslim who came through in the end for second place and George taking third.

Of course the ever exciting Rotax International class lived up to all its expectations and did not let the spectators down with some nail biting and riveting racing, and first place, in this group of ten drivers, could have gone to anybody. Young sixteen year old Kristian Boodoosingh set the pace from early in qualifying, taking pole position from veteran driver Ryan Peyrau by 0.022. Each heat saw a different driver setting the fastest lap, with Kristian, Marcus Skinner and Christian Mackenzie all setting the pace. With the usual bounces and bangs in the first two heats,  it was Kristian who finished first in heat one, and Aaron Lee, benefiting from a reverse grid in heat two, who came out in the lead. From the first corner of heat three, however, it became apparent that Craig Sumair and mistaken the TTKA track for the airport runway, by getting totally airborne over the front of Aaron, and behind him there was a scattering of karts and barriers. Amazingly everyone came out of this scuffle, not necessarily unscathed (just ask Bridget Singh) and was able to continue on to race. It was a full frontal smash into the barriers however, a couple of laps later that took Matthew Crisp and Christian Mackenzie out of the race. With a spread of drivers around the entire track, keeping abreast of who was in front and who was a back marker became decidedly difficult. Yet again, Kristian Boodoosingh displayed great driving talent and took quite a lead from the rest of the pack. With his ability to stay out of harm’s way, he romped home with a first place win by 17 full seconds over second place Brandon Singh and third place Reza Ali, who was hot on Brandon’s heels. All in all, it was a race full of incidentals with a predictable amount of attrition. Overall it was of course, Kristian in first place, followed by Aaron Lee in second and Ryan Peyrau in third.

TTKA will take a break from racing for the month of August in respect of Ramadan. However, we will be having a family day get together at Arima Race club on Sunday August 14th. Our next championship race day will be September 4th. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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