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Stance / Garage Fresh WTF Wednesdays

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Stance / Garage Fresh WTF Wednesdays
Article by Riaz Ali of Garage Fresh
WTF (Where’s The Food) Wednesdays – Since our introduction last year, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in tuner styles and applications locally… especially where stance and fitment are concerned. This has been our 6th meet, and the support has really been rolling in. We honestly didn’t expect to see so much ‘Gear Heads’ coming out to grab a bite on a Wednesday night, the entire parking lot was filled with lots of tasteful rides… along with many we haven’t seen before.

We thank the Garage Fresh community for their continued support and patronage at our meets, these are some photos of just a few of the rides that were present and in the mix. We’d also like to thank for their coverage and their overwhelming support.

Look out for another one of our ‘WTF’ Wednesdays at a parking lot near you…

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