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AutoSport Drag AttaXX at ARC

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AutoSport Drag AttaXX at ARC

It is stated that “Necessity is the mother of invention”.
And has this now led to an extremely popular Motor Racing Event being developed in T&T?
And this within the confines of a Car Park?
And attracting a wide cross-section of competitors with an even wider variety of racing machines?

If one looks back at the entries from the first Event in July – 32, and the entries from the second Event, 68, and now this third event – 76, this certainly points to an extremely attractive competition that has stirred the interests of the Motor Sport fans…. Was this the biggest set of spectators (on the inside) to date at ARC?

In these early days, we are still experimenting on the best mix for classifying the cars – and we are listening to all and sundry.

We all recognize the limitations at this location – and we are going to take a close look at ways and means of maximizing the space constraints, always keeping in mind the safety of all involved.

We now know that this type of Event has tremendous potential, and we will continue to dialog with all parties to stay on the right course and build and improve where every single Event must be better than the preceding one.

We are extremely grateful for the support from other affiliates of MATT and this clearly displays the potential of every single Motor Sport discipline, when all parties are in full support of the other players.

Oh, the competition! At the top both Shiv and Sean were most present and looking on, and just shaking their head. And I am certain if we were still in the sugar-cane business, we would have seen sugar granules coming out of their mouths. But we repeatedly heard, nex time, nex time! Peter again showed that he has the power and now the turning ability with his Rally-stlyed handbrake now installed, but he now has to get that traction control system stuck in somehow to really bring all of the great qualities of his special machine to the top. What can we say about Jodi’s super-charged and turbo-charged monster. And now Prentice and crew seem to have all of the million odd pieces working in synch, and what a display this turned out to be – and the weird whine certainly lends a bit of intrigue when you see Jodi easing his way through the course – oh for a bigger “race track”!

Funny how with all of the clamouring about bumping people up in Class we still ended up with the best from D&W #2 facing each other D&W #3 – and what a drive we saw from Kiran and Ronney, great potential, even greater attitude, and we hope that they have much more to show in the future. More competition coming in GT 4.

And when Kirk and Devi keep eyeing each other on the start line and almost end up doing the same on the finish line, well we are sure that they should be running together, but where – this will be worked out. And to have Samuel Weekes coming up close behind, none of them can afford to relax.

Revelations and rewards were the order of the day with Troy Sooknanan finally having the chance to enjoy the thrill as winner in a car he has driven, and getting the better of car-control expert Devon Bartholomew  – this was well worth seeing with one clean and tight and the other really working in unison with his machine- this is what thi s type of event is all about.

GT1 saw some wearing some big grins at he end of the day, and the ole-talk from before certainly did not deter Kaleel from being cool and collected as he held on to the top from Adrian – one who will e around on the podium in the future. How great it was to see Reshma joining the guys in winners row – all I can say is that Ralphie would have been very proud of you, he must be still pointing and saying “there is my girl”!

Two great things also stand out at this Event. First we were able to attract a new-car dealer with two of the best road-going machines in T&T today – notably Southern Sales who brought the Audi TT and the brand new Audi A1. Now this A1 is a real sleeper, with the tiny 1,400cc but toting a neat lil Turbo that pushes it to a cool 122BHP. We were able to convince the reps to take these two machines around our course, in a controlled manner, not flat out, so the spectators could get a good view of the latest that AUDI has to offer, and this A1 is in a rice price range that is easily affordable ( could make a real good Dex car too!). This is paying dividends for all involved, since we are now in discussions with another dealer that also carries another model also with a 1,400cc Turbo.  There very well can be a challenge at the next event with these two new machines, possibly driven by two of our better drivers having a shoot-out even before the State of Emergency ends!

And the next great thing at the last Event. Now we know the Minister of Sport did attend a Karting Event shortly after elections 2010, and cruise around in a Kart. But we were able to get the Hon. Minister to go for a ride in the passenger seat to see what the Drag and Wind Course is all about. Big mistake! Mr. Minister change from the long sleeve shirt to jersey, take the man helmet and race car, and that was the end of Jameer racing for the day. Mr. Minister liked the first drive. Then he went back a next time. And went back again, boasting that he will break his previous times, and so said so done. Our problem is to now find a car for Jameer for future events since the Minister has clearly commandeered this one!

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