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Autosport Drag and Time Attack 4

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Photographers: Rawle Mahabir, Lyden Thomas, Aaron 2NR and Gerrard Wilson
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Autosport Drag and Time Attack 4

We did set out to improve on certain areas of concern and hopefully addressed several of these pretty well. On Briefing night, we did improve on speeding up the registration process.

We did keep our promise of having the course set up early, this being achieved with a lot of work being done on Saturday evening. The timing system was also in place shortly after scheduled start-time of 10:30am, but we do have to ensure that the mirror-image of the course is accurate, will definitely work on this for our December 11th final 2011 Event.

With these matters being addressed, well it was supposed to be plain sailing. And then the rains came, possibly the biggest drenching we ever experienced on a race day, and we just had to sit it out. And yep, aquaplane sailing it certainly was at times.

This extreme change in conditions proved to be a real challenge. This ensured that the times laid down by competitors BR (Before Rain) threw the yet-to-be-perfected classification of cars into a whirlwind and made a mockery of what was supposed to be a fundamental process. Looking back at some of the cars in the various classes, it was unbelievable to see where some fell, with the most amazing being that duo of Devi and Kirk, running in Class 5, against Sean and Ronnie.
Talk bout some wet-weather champions!

We will again be taking a look at the many issues we had in determining winners in the various classes during the qualifying runs and also the knockout runs, and will publish a list of points re penalties, eg A red light at start is immediate DQ, cutting the course also DQ, etc.

Recently, we have been able to attract some of the New-Car dealers to have their cars on display at our Events. We took this a step further at the last Event by also having FIAT provide their sporty Fiat Bravo 1.4 Turbo to run in competition, ably driven by the very experienced and Solodex multiple-Championship winner, Devendra Nath. And this he did in style pushing the showroom-stock Fiat around the course to the delight of the many patrons, and surprise of the competitors. With a little suspension tweaking and a minimum of more competitive tyres, Devi is convinced that this can be a sleeper with winning potential.

We are working to have this sponsor come back with the beautiful little Fiat on the 11th. And especially if we are able to run a full slate of 10 events with a Championship in place for 2012.

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