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AutoSport Drag & Wind 1

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AutoSport Drag & Wind 1

AutoSport Racing staged its first Drag and Wind Event for 2012 at the ARC Car Park on Sunday 29th. Attracting some 55 entries in six classes, competitors battled through two rounds of qualifications before the fastest four in each class were chosen to run in a knockout to determine winners.

Young Aqueeb Ali posted what is considered a perfect reaction time of .500 seconds in launching his Honda Civic off the start line very early in the day, thus earning the Parts World Cash Prize.

With Classes determined in the first instance by engine size capacity, then by forced induction, competitors were run off first in GT1 Class B, and this was won by a very persistent competitor in his Mazda 323 Wagon, Christopher Mohommed, who beat Neil Gopeesingh driving a Suzuki Swift Sport in the best 2 in 3 runs. Third place went to Stephen Hosein, with regular Solodex competitor Sayyad Siddiq taking fourth place.

Class 1A was won by the very experienced Rudy Beekee in his personally-prepared Honda Civic winning in two straight runs over Saed Mandal in another Honda Civic. Third place went to Circuit racer Kendall Chai in his 25-year old Honda Civic with Larry Rampersadsingh in his race-prepared Suzuki earning fourth place.

Class two which comprised a wide cross-section of makes, catered for cars up to 2000 cc, and those with forced-induction engines (turbo or super charged). Here we saw for the first time, VW Agents Best Auto sponsoring a VW Jetta and driven by multiple Solodex winner Kirk Ho Hing. He found the going very tough with challenges from two Honda Integras and a Honda Civic. In the end Nicholas Chang Wai in his Tola-tuned Honda Civic emerged winner in a very close battle over Ho Hing in the VW Jetta. Interesting to note that these two posted fastest in class with Ho-Hing running 55.116 seconds and Chang Wai 55.117. However in the finals, times did not matter, but driver who crossed the finish line first.

Class 3 comprised some very competitive drivers that ensured tight competition. The top four saw a strange combination of the tiny 1500 Suzuki Turbo, coming up against the bigger-engined Nissan S15’s and one Nissan Skyline. Chris Akee and Yea Chang had to settle for 3rd and fourth respectively. And Devi Nath, another multiple-champion Solodex competitor was able to drive two tight and clean runs and emerged winner over young Michael Heera.

Class 4 – all the four-wheel-drive turbos, and those with bigger engines also turbocharged, consisted Mitsubishi Evolutions and Subarus in the main.  It was well subscribed with 11 competitors in Class A and 5 in Class B. and separated merely by fast and slow times in A and B. Class GT 4 B saw Steffan Russell in his Evo VIII beating out Khayam Ali in his Mazda GTR into second place. And Jameel Phillip in his Skyline claiming third over Kevin Khan who really man-handled the old school Toyota Cressida that lacked all of the electronic driver aids now standard on the Evos and Subarus.

Class 4 A clearly showed the best driver/car combination on the day and comprised 11 competitors. Interesting to see the top driver in drifting, Kerry Phillip in his Turbo Toyota Chaser winning the best two in three in the finals, but just barely since second place Kevon Ramjoh in his Evo VIII lost the third run when he red-lighted at the start. Third place was well deserved and won by possibly the most mature driver on the course, former Circuit Racing Champion Clive Sugden in his Subaru who got the better of regular Solodex competitor Barry Mykoo in another Subaru.

GT 1 A Sponsored by  AutoNation Ltd. GT 1 B Sponsored by CARIBEL
1st Place 55 Rudy Beekee 1st Place 15 Christopher Mohommed
2nd Place 41 Saeed Mandal 2nd Place 101 Neil Gopeesingh
3rd Place 89 Kendall Chai 3rd Place 109 Stephen Hosein
4th Place 908 Larry Rampersadsingh 4th Place 206 Sayyad Siddiq
GT 2 A Sponsored by
1st Place 86 Nicholas Chang Wai
2nd Place 28 Kirk Ho Hing
3rd Place 10 Jamal James
4th Place 77 Gerard Tang Yuk
GT 3 A Sponsored by  Best Auto Ltd.
1st Place 37 Devi Nath
2nd Place 115 Michael Heerah
3rd Place 116 Yea Own Chang
4th Place 187 Chris Ackee
GT 4 A Sponsored by  Castrol GT 4 B Sponsored by NP Ultra
1st Place 747 Kerry Phillip 1st Place 84 Stefan J. Russell
2nd Place 700 Kevon Ramjohn 2nd Place 163 Khayam Ali
3rd Place 69 Clive Sugden 3rd Place 900 Jameel Phillip
4th Place 24 Barry Mykoo 4th Place 70 Kevin Khan

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