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TTKA Kart Racing – 1

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TTKA Kart Racing – 1

It started out as a rainy day and most drivers were looking to the sky and hoping for the sun to come out. Thankfully it did and the rest of the day proved to be a hot one, both on and off the track.

Racing began with the Cadet and Mini max class being combined. The numbers in the cadet class got off to a slow start but that would be the only slow thing about these kids. This year we have a new member in Frankie (don’t call me Junior) Boodram. Returning to race with him was Mathew Phillip. These two youngsters raced very competitively all day and the final results were Philips first, Boodram second. It must be noted that Boodram won his first race that he ever entered, a feat most adults cannot attest to.

The Minimax class had three entries and Amir Mohammed dominated throughout the day taking three chequered flags for the clean sweep. The other two competitors were Enrique De Leon and Shiva Seepersad and they battled it out for second and third place respectively, allowing Amir to pull away. This will be a class to watch during the year to see how it develops.

The 100cc class had six entrants and saw the return of Sharaz “pot man” Hosein to the class. This class was a two horse race for the lead. Che Carrington took pole position and the fight began. Che lead the first race for about four laps but mechanical problems saw him getting passed by Shane Pinheiro for the lead, and this is where Shane would remain for the remainder of theirthree races of the day finishing first overall, with Che in Second. These two put down quite a show with their lap times being within .02 of each other. The rest of the field was not having such a good day with Haymant Singh and Chris Sukbir both having mechanical failures. Randal Doon took third place, as he was getting used his new Kart and will surely get faster as the season goes on. Sharaz was driving in two classes and seemed to be having trouble with the young people.

The Rotax International class always entertains and this first event was no exception. Craig Sumair took pole away from the lone female driver Bridget Singh but she was having none of it. Bridget once again showed the boys how to do it. The first five drivers in this class were all within .1 sec of each other’s times which makes for real entertaining racing. The results were Bridget first followed closely by Craig Sumair and Reza Ali. There were several intense battles with one even seeing Aaron Lee ending up spinning through the fence and out the grounds. After the smoke settled only egos were damaged and the racing continued. Off the track all were friends and the whole event had a real family atmosphere to it.

The rotax masters class was combined with the international class and Gerrard Carrington, who we all thought should start from the pit lane, dominated the class. The second place went to Anslim Ali and Sharaz Hosein who entered in this class as well as 100cc, took third.

So the pace has been set for March 18th when those who were not prepared will be better so and those who needed to dust off the cobwebs will be ready. We look forward to seeing you there and hope that you all have a safe carnival.

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