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TTKA Kart Racing – 2

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TTKA Kart Racing – 2
Article written by Ryan Pinhiero

Race two was a great success, coming just a week after the family day we had a fantastic turnout. There were 27 competitors spread out between seven classes. We had some close races with some paint swapping, but when all the dust settled and the smell of high octane race fuel wore off, rivals on the track were once again friends off the track.

The day started with the introduction of yet another youngster to our fold. The club welcomes Rossi Lochan to karting, son of Mr Ainsley “Action” Lochan. This young man is six years old and drove in his first race this weekend. With the ever growing sport of Karting some of the younger drivers have moved up in class to Mini max and Rotax junior. This means that currently we have three Cadets in the beginner class, but these kids are far from beginners. Frankie boodram has shown that he means business, in only his second race day he has come away with the first place trophy, some technical difficulties saw Mathew Phillips give up his second place to Rossi Lochan. We foresee this class to bring some entertainment as the year continues.

The mini Max class are some powerful little karts, they are the restricted Rotax engines that are the entry level Rotax kart. Don’t let that fool you these things really move with Enrique De Leon putting down some lap times that would have the masters envious. Enrique continues to impress and took three chequered flags this race meet. Johnmycal Sant made his return at event two, getting used to his new kart came a close second.

In keeping with the International karting classes this event saw a new class emerging, with Rotax Junior class. This class is a step up in chassis size and power from the mini max class. The allowable age group for this class is from age 13 to 16 years old and is the stepping stone for Rotax International. Currently we have two competitors in this class but more are expected as some of our missing competitors are doing exams. That being said experienced competitor Aamir Mohammed made his move into this class with a bang. Aamir took three wins on the day and showed he is ready for all comers. Second place went to Avith Seepersad who looks more comfortable in this kart than his last.

This event saw a full complement in the 100cc class, with the return of Chris Sukbir and the newcomer to this class Tye Carrington. There were six competitors and some real close action in all races. Che Carrington took poll with three tenths of a second from Shane Pinheiro and started the day with a bang. These two competitors are so evenly matched in some races they were .002 of a second apart. When the dust settled the final results were Shane Pinheiro first, Randol Doon second and Chris Sukbir third. Congrats to Randol on his first chequered flag something tells me it won’t be your last.
Now on to the popular class of Rotax International. This class never fails to entertain and race two was no exception. Once again we have a couple of missing superstars with exams putting a damper on championship points. Nonetheless the races were entertaining with real close action. Kristian Boodosingh came out and put a whooping on the class with Marcus Skinner second and Bridgette Singh third. So far the championship is anyone’s for the taking but Bridget, the only female competitor, is in the lead – watch this space.

The Rotax masters class saw none other than Gerard Carrington taking first place with Sharaz “Potman” Hosein in second and Clyde Supersad in third. We would like to welcome back Rae Smith, the President of the club, to this class as well as Anil Ramdeen. It’s good to see you guys out there enjoying yourselves.

This race day also saw the fastest karts blazing around the track with the shifter guys putting on a show. The shifter Karts for those of you that don’t know are the 125cc karts with a gearbox like a motorbike and these things really move. Honours on the day went to Marc Mohammed with Mark Gill in second and Ray Wong Doo in third. It must be mentioned that Marc Mohammed now has the fastest time for the year of a 37.995 second lap in the reverse direction.

We would like to thank our sponsors which are Presidential Insurance, Monster Energy drink, blue waters, Pepsi, Trinituner and Tropical Power. We look forward to seeing you all and your friends on April 15th for race #3 where I suspect we will have even more drivers and plenty of action, see you there!

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