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Rally Trinidad 2012 Unstuffing Containers, Scrutineering and Testing.

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Rally Trinidad 2012 Unstuffing Containers, Scrutineering and Testing.

With the start of the rally on Friday, 3 of the WRC teams contesting the rally did a small shakedown just to make sure things are in order. For Jeffery Panton, it was his first time in his newly accquired WRC 06 Focus. Also on hand was Trevor “Micey” Manning who will be driving Penti’s Grp N Evo X. Stuart “Sobbie” Johnson was also there making some last minute adjustments. Oh what a weekend this is going to be..!

On Wednesday afternoon, the eager rally faithful gathered @ Mosport for their first chance to be up and personal with some the machinery contesting the rally this weekend. All eyes were on the 4 WRC cars and bets were already being placed on the outcome. Also, on hand was the return of Peter Morris with his Evo X co-driven by his Daughter Hannah.

The WRC Focus of Gary Gregg, N14 of Harold Morley and the Colt of Ricky Bobby have been cleared. Friday night, despite an electricity problem, Penti’s S14 and Mr. Panton’s new WRC Focus along with Cristian Bourne’s new Evo 8 were also cleared.

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