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Rally Trinidad 2012 Saturday

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Rally Trinidad 2012 Saturday

Saturday morning saw Sean Gill make a slight calculation error with his check in time and was penalized 4 seconds making the margin now 13 seconds difference between him and Powell. With Panton sweeping the course, and Gill following second off the line, the WRC battle began with Powell clawing time back almost every stage before lunch. Gregg was noticeably off the pace but he could do little as the front 3 were in all relatively newer machines.

Bajan James Betts (Grp A Mitsubishi Evo X) and his countryman Trevor Manning (Grp N Mitsubishi Evo X) were absolutely flying but local trio of Johnson, Coelho, and Bourne were never more than 10-15 seconds behind up to lunchtime. Lunchtime saw Betts encounter some serious bad luck with Fuel and Differential problems beginning to plague the older Evo V. By Stage 10 Betts unfortunately had to retire from a Rally that we would have probably been able to place just behind the vastly superior WRC cars. Betts will be in Trinidad for the rest of the season so the local 4WD boys are going to have their work cut out for them.

Trevor Manning soon suffered the same fate of having to retire. In a borrowed car he went off the road on Cedar Hill and although no damage to the car, he was left out of overall contention and made the decision to call it quits. Manning was leading nearest competitor David Coelho by 11 seconds at this stage. By lunchtime on Day 2 the 2WD class saw Jamaican Bobby Marshall open up a sizeable lead with Peyrau having a terrible stage 4 due to gearbox problems, and Devi Nath simply not able to keep up.

The local 2WD hopes sat squarely on the shoulders of Peyrau after Devi Nath managed to find a concrete culvert with the front left of the Starlet. The damage to the car was in no way repairable and Devi was now sharing the crash list with Morley and Phillips who were out early after leaving the road on Cedar Hill. Peyrau drove well after his disastrous Stage 4 and with the exception of the first stage on Saturday managed to actually beat Bobby Marshall by 4 seconds from Stage 5 through Stage 12. In the other 2WD class (SM4) Reyaz Mohammed (Mitsubishi Colt – Shell Helix) was comfortably running away from the pack and sitting in 3rd overall WD behind Bobby and Peyrau.

The WRC fight was back and forth all day between Gill and Powell, with Panton just staying within sight of the front 2 while Gregg could only sit and wonder what his next purchase will be, as the WRC05 Focus simply did not have the grunt to keep pace. Sean Gill won 5 of the 9 stages on Saturday with Powell taking the remaining 4. Leading Group A at the end of Saturday was David Coelho, who just made it to the end of Saturday with overheating problems beginning to affect him. Mark Williams was sitting in 2nd Group A but with a much older Evo, trying to stay with Coelho would prove too difficult. Stuart Sobby Johnson was comfortably leading Group N and occupying 5th overall just 10 seconds above Coelho. Bourne (Mitsubishi Evo VIII – Stag / Castrol) was having a solid day if not for his repeated jump starts racking up 30 seconds in penalties, but at least managing to stay in 2nd place Group N.

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