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Rally Trinidad 2012 – Mayor’s Cup at Saith Park

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Rally Trinidad 2012 – Mayor’s Cup at Saith Park

The Rally finished with the remaining competitors putting on a show for the Mayor of Chaguanas, in the ever popular Mayor’s Cup in Saith Park. The short 1.4km tarmac super special was packed to a capacity crowd, and of course it was donut time to bring Rally Trinidad 2012 to a fitting close. Jeffrey Panton deftly powered through the streets of Chaguanas to win the Mayor’s Cup with the fastest time and received his award from the Mayor His Worship Orlando Nagessar. The Carnival like atmosphere on Ramsaran Street was a sight to see as all the winners collected their awards in front of a huge crowd. John ‘Penti’ Powell and Nicholas Telfer showered the photographers with champagne much to the delight of the TnT fans.

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who made this Rally the best we have ever seen in Trinidad.
Our Sponsors – (Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, STAG – a man’s beer, JUSAMCO, Illuminat, Ultra Lubricants, Johnny Q Sound Company, The Tourism Development Corporation – TDC, EMBDC, Tropical Power, Dasani, Red Bull, SeaFreight, Lifestyle Motors). Thanks also goes out to the Chaguanas Borough Corporation and the Mayor of Chaguanas.

Our Media –, Zorce Magazine, Raceone TV Barbados, K.Layne and all the photographers – way too many to mention but the few who are at every event (Gerrard, Lyden, Dewayne, Dumplin, Mathew, Kevin, Devi when you aren’t driving), our facebook bloggers.

Our Marshals – Way to go C.A.R.S., and TnT 4×4 Trailblazers – YOU BOTH DESERVE THE MOST THANKS for helping us to run an almost perfect Rally
Our foreign guests – Larry, Errol, Nicolette, and Jeff

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