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Drag & Wind #3 2012

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Photographers: Rawle Mahabir, Miguele Granville and Lyden Thomas
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Drag & Wind #3 2012

We must comment on the classification of cars in our D&W Championship competition. We now have a very good indication of times being run by most competitors, and can clearly see who should be in the A Class, and who should be in B. This, after deliberately NOT declaring any breakout limit at the last Event.

And we have had queries/appeals/comments from several competitors, which pushed us to even take a closer look at having as fair a separation as we possibly can. We will publish a listing of ALL competitors and their best times from the last Event. This clearly shows who should NOT be in B, and who in A should be in B.

We again repeat our stand on being properly attired, and will not permit drivers or passengers to run with short pants, sleeveless tops and or proper footwear. But maybe we are getting to the point where competitors can start to show some degree of seriousness and begin to acquire and use proper driving apparel.

We recognize that some still need to be reminded about some of our rules like… Hitting a cone = +1 second to time. Hitting a cone / Not stopping in finish box = +2 seconds to time. Red Light – immediate loss or run. Cutting course – immediate disqualification for that run.

Breaking out, or going faster than class limit in B =  loss of run. No limit in Class A.

And the CC classification being at the limits of up to 1600cc, 2000cc, 3000cc and then over. And turbo and or supercharge = cc x 1.4 , which give a very obvious power increase.

Note that except for the last four finalists, chosen by posting the four fastest times, (and in B within breakout limit) all other runs are against the clock, not against the next competitor, so if you may have “beaten” a competitor, that is not recorded to give you any right to be in the last four.

We cannot check for fuel so for the time being….

We are looking at possibly having all of our female competitors (if they do not object) run in their own Class – buy using the Dial-up system for competition. This way, the Evo 10 can run against the B13 and we CAN have a fair and really exciting race.

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