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Mr. Jean Todt., President of the FIA to visit T&T

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Mr. Jean Todt., President of the FIA to visit T&T

We received correspondence from our local FIA ASN and Motorsport NGB, TTASA (Trinidad & Tobago Automobile Sport Association) regarding the visit from a top FIA contingent lead by the FIA President Mr. Jean Todt.

You may remember the President’s Latin American tour in 2011 where T&T’s own Selwyn “Bunny” Persad was one of the 22 ambassadors. In 2012 FIA heads will visit their Caribbean ASNs, arriving in Trinidad via private jet on August 7th on his way from Barbados; the Barbdos Motorsport Federation (BMF) is the FIA ASN for that country.

FIA is to motorsport what FIFA is to football. We hope that the President of the World Governing Body of Motorsport and Mobility (FIA) can advise and assist in moving motorsport and mobility forward in Trinidad & Tobago. We look forward to the FIA’s initiatives in motor racing and road safety being implemented in T&T.

The following is the letter from TTASA announcing this upcoming visit.

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