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THA/TTRC Rally Tobago 2012

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THA/TTRC Rally Tobago 2012

Sometimes you get to a point where events are just one after another, and results follow what is to be expected with the same faces on the podium. But then we have Rally Tobago, which is done at a totally different pace, and the vibe that results is one that reminds us the beauty about being involved with a great Club, and a great Sport… RALLYING!

Rally Tobago like any event had its fair share of logistical problems that could not have been helped by anyone. You could take for example the rolling of the track which loosened the surface making it a virtual dust bowl in the spectator areas and pits. Then as we sourced a water truck, and prayed for a little rain, down comes a hurricane force rainshower complete with gusts that broke the VIP tent, cleaned out a stage, bent other tents resulting in some damage to cars (my front bumper and bonnet as i found out yesterday), and literally turned the morning dust bowl into an afternoon mudfest.

Well most people would get disheartened on the day after putting weeks of planning into it, but the members of the TTRC, and Trailblazers reminded us why we all love what we do. The smiling faces of all the rain soaked and mud covered marshals, and the glee of the Trailblazers in the post Rally mudfest made sure the moods were nothing but positive.

The TTRC has to be proud that we can put on events where pictures only show good times, and not necessarily always serious competition with little other interaction. At the end of the day it was simply an enjoyable weekend in Tobago for everyone who attended. A couple of the high points:
- Uncle Lennox insisting to be part of everything, despite everyone suggesting that he takes it easy. The man will never change and the TTRC is blessed to have him as a member for all these years. He is truly epitomizes what it means to be a TTRC member
- The management and execution of the TTRC marshals, obviously too many to name but you know who you are. Graveney, Sheldon, Ken, and Jackie who help in managing this great core of people who strangely enough seem more interested in marshaling the worse the weather gets. A simply great marshal core.
- For those of you don’t know, the Trailblazer boys are talented in many things, 4×4 driving being one of them, but top on their list of strengths has to be the level of sh^t talk. These boys are some of the happiest bunch of people i have ever had pleasure of working any event with. The TTRC continues to forge a stronger and stronger relationship with them, and cannot thank them enough.
- Our competing teams, great to see a 2WD car in the top 3, kudos to Ryan and Simon. We have an American team who did really well for their first time out and by the looks of things enjoyed themselves fully. Seeing all the drivers stick it out together and all be there at the end to congratulate the winners at the end is a great sign of respect. I think we must be one of the few Clubs to have a major sponsor actually become a competitor, and the man could not hide his enjoyment. Its an overall great feeling.
- Congrats to Chris Ackee, who’s wife was having a baby while he was crossing the ceremonial start on Friday evening.
- Our media, strange it seems that Tobago has their own ‘tuners’. So many cameras, i think might be starting soon…haha thank you photopeople.

So although Rally Tobago is not Rally Trinidad in terms of WRC cars, 5th gear flat corners, or 6ft jumps, Rally Tobago is still a great event for the time that the Club is able to spend together. Thursday bad lime, Friday event launch, Saturday Rally, let’s not talk about Saturday night, and of course Sunday at the beach.

To everyone who helped to make this possible from the organizing to the entertaining. Thanks a million, in this continued dark period of motorsport locally, we’ve come back to Trinidad with nothing but smiles and sun burn.

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