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Battery Saver Chargers and accessories

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Battery Saver Chargers and accessories

Postby SR » August 16th, 2018, 8:36 am

Do you own a vehicle that the battery is difficult to access and may need to jump start from time to time due to lack of use?
Do you own a project vehicle or daily driver that isn't used much and you need to jump start from time to time?
Do you have an aftermarket sound system in your vehicle and want to keep your batteries at top condition?
Do you have a battery that may be a little weak and would like to recondition it?

Introducing Battery Saver chargers and re conditioners for almost any automotive battery application. This is not a typical trickle charger but uses pulse technology for charging so it also de sulphates the plates while charging helping recondition and extend the life of your batteries

LCD denotes charger comes with a LCD display

1200 LCD 12 watt 6/12 volt $780 this is good for a single battery application
works on 6volt batteries for children's toys as well

3015 LCD 25 watt 6/12 volt $950 this is good for up to 2 batteries in parallel

2365 LCD 50watt 6/12 volts charger $1435 this is good for up to 6 batteries in parallel

2365-24 50 watt 24 volt charger $1100 for 24 volt batteries/ trucks

9950 12/16 volt lithium ion charger $1870 for lithium ion or regular 12 or 16 volt batteries

Accessories for all chargers also available as all chargers can be wall mounted in your garage or used as voltmeters (LCD versions)

10 ft extension cable $165

20 ft extension cable $276

Voltmeter Probes $110

Padded carrying case $110

Outdoor Weather Proof enclosure $300

12/24 volt cigarette lighter dual USB charger with battery tester $240

Digital Battery Tester $750
Check the condition of your batteries without removing from the vehicle with this easy to use CCA battery tester good for any DIY or install shop when advising customers on their battery condition

Products are available at the following locations

French St POS
1 868 625 8638

State of The Art Automotive
Caroni Savanah rd Charliville
1 868 222 0163

Direct purchase
678 9885 will accept payment in US at 8 to 1


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