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POWER SELLER STATUS on 2nr.......sell all you want....

If you wish to promote your commercial items and have paid your monthly dues... This forum is all yours....

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Forum rules
• ONLY Powersellers are allowed to post in this forum.
• Negative comments or replies, lowballing or 'sale bashing' are NOT allowed.
• Personal ads are FREE. Commercial Ads are not allowed without Powerseller Status
• Powerseller status is for users who wish to post many items for sale, new or used.
• Even if you do not own a business but would like to post many items for sale, then we require that you pay for Power Seller status.
• Users are limited to no more than 2 simultaneous Ads / FS (For Sale) topics per classified forum; powersellers are limited to no more than 4.
• Ads that have not been replied to after 180 days will be deleted.
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POWER SELLER STATUS on 2nr.......sell all you want....

Postby Admin » December 16th, 2005, 9:55 pm

Dear Users,

If you feel that our classified system works for you in anyway and you wish to earn more revenue via this board we can offer you:

POWER SELLER STATUS which will appear under your name in Red.....

This will allow you to sell any amount of product you wish both personally and commercially without prejudice....

The Power Seller status costs US$101.11 for 6 months, payable upfront.
6 Months is the minimum period offered.

Contact us for details.

note: Power Seller Status is intended for users who wish to sell many items or post items for sale frequently, sole traders, small entities and re-sellers to be able to afford advertising to our large audience. offers great banner advertising rates to companies who want to advertise their website to our audience.

Click here for all our advertising packages and rates

The free use of our Classifieds system is intended for users to be able to sell used items. Any user found selling numerous items frequently that may qualify as commercial activity will be banned and their posts removed. A new "in-the-box" item may also be sold if the user bought the item with intentions to use it themselves but found that they no longer needed it and so are willing to sell it as is with no profit markup or at market price.

Users making MULTIPLE sales on NEW or BARELY USED items MUST apply for Power Seller status as it will be impossible for us to discern the difference between a user selling NEW personal items they bought but no longer wanted and another user who is selling NEW items as a business transaction for a profit. We cannot discriminate.


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