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Advice needed ld20 gearbox

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Advice needed ld20 gearbox

Postby sterly » February 27th, 2012, 12:14 am

Ok Folks, here's the situation.

My reverse gear in the gear box kept slipping when I put the vehicle in reverse. I got a mechanic to open up the gear box today and one of the gear teeth is worn out ( well some of the teeth).

My mechanic ( a young fella) is advising that I purchase the whole gear box. He is saying that I would not get the gear to buy just so and that a machine shop would not be able to make back the gear exactly as is of if not and they do make it back the machine shop would charge any where between $800 to $1000.

He is also saying that if he takes out the reverse gear, there is a possibility that the other gears that have to come out to get the reverse gear out, could be damaged. Also he will have to pound on the other gears and could damage the bushings. Finally, he is saying that if I get a gear or get a machine shop to make over one and if nothing else go wrong in the process, the gears will have to set back. He is not able to do this.

Can some one advise on whether the advise given by this mechanic is good.

What is the best option?
Recommend some to carry my gear box by
or a machine shop to go by.

Any ways I will need someone to take out the worn out gear as my mechanic is not able to do so.

I am trying to avoid buying a gearbox as it is quite expensive and I am not sure what problems I would run into with the new one, How long it would last etc.. Also I do not know any other mechanic that is willing to come home by me to do the repairs. Every mechanic that I calling just saying LD20 parts real hard to find just by one.

thanks in advance.

contact 773-4150 or PM or call and hang up I will call back



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