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nissan urvan E25 turbo diesel

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nissan urvan E25 turbo diesel

Postby likemynissan » September 3rd, 2010, 8:47 pm

need to get the following
1) Owners manual
2) Sliding glass windows to replace fixed window on sliding door and opposite side
3) what oil and diesel treatment is best
4) captain seats


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Re: nissan urvan E25 turbo diesel

Postby chumchum2 » March 17th, 2011, 3:05 am

can the workshop manual help I have one and still looking for a owners manual

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Re: nissan urvan E25 turbo diesel

Postby b5er » October 29th, 2011, 7:58 pm

The Nissan E25 Caravan has a ZD30 Engine same as the Patrol.
Nissan put out a bulletin for the ZD30 engine ... _SPECS.pdf

or here

First Published: 30th September 2004 Bulletin No: MA04-001
Recommended circulation


Re: Revised Engine Oil Specification

Applied Model: Y61 & D22 Applied range: ZD30 Engines
Please be advised that the specification for the oil fill on the ZD30 has been revised. Engine
Oils that meet the specification listed below are the only oils that are permitted for use in the
ZD30 Engine.

Oil Specification: ACEA B3 or JASO DH-1

Nissan strongly recommend that a viscosity rating of 10W40 be used. For specific viscosity
relating to ambient temperature ranges please refer to the viscosity chart in the relevant
workshop manual.

Note: API CG-4 oils must never be used in the ZD30 engine.
To support the revision in oil specification, Nissan has developed a semi-synthetic 10W-40
engine oil that meets all the operational demands of this engine. The revision of the new oil
specification is retrospective and will apply to all ZD30 engines.
The oil will be available from Nissan Parts & Accessories in 5lt and 200lt quantities using the
following part numbers.
5lt - B3005-10W40PK
200lt - B3200-10W40PK
Authorised by:
R Bahn
Manager - Engineering Support
National Service & Engineer
ing Department

Based on that, I have been using Amsoil in my E25, this product is available locally in TnT

Hope this helps :lol:


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