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Newbie SR20VE owner, care to enlighten me?

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Newbie SR20VE owner, care to enlighten me?

Postby amd-dude » October 1st, 2019, 3:50 pm

Hello fellow tuners, I recently bought a car from my uncle with a SR20ve mated to a 'big spline" gearbox. I just wanted to get some info about said engine and gearbox.

1. While I'm pretty happy with the power it puts out for daily driving, I was wondering what performance mods can I do to get that extra out of it while still being able to be driven daily.

2. Looked around a few forums and they said that turbo-ing these are a hassle but these posts were from like 2005, has it gotten easier or still the same?

3. Any specific mechanic/shop you guys could recommend I take up residence at (so when I want to make said modifications, they know what they're doing) I'm from south btw so would rather someone closer to me.

4. Any additional info on these big spline boxes? Like an actual model number so I can read up on them more.

Any other info you guys want to pass on will be greatly appreciated, like what engine oil works best (read that 10w-30 full synthetic is the way to go)


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