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Procedure for obtaining duplicate Drivers permit

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Procedure for obtaining duplicate Drivers permit

Postby blackstreet007 » Yesterday, 3:13 pm

Step 1: Make a report of the loss or theft at the nearest police station and obtain a "Lost Documents" form from the Police Officer taking your report. Ensure that he stamps and signs it.
Step 2: Go to the nearest licencing office and obtain a duplicate Drivers permit application form (same form used when renewing D.P)
Step 3: Take the form and Police report to a Commissioner of Affidavit or Justice of the Peace to get it signed and stamped (Comm of affidavits charge $30.00)
Step 4: Take both documents back to Licencing Office.It will be helpful if you remember the month of your last D.P renewal and which office it was renewed at)
Step 5: Pay $70 for first time duplicate and $300 for any subsequent loss
Step 6: Wait till your name is called to have your photo taken (No sleeveless or vests) and collect your duplicate D.P. If your last D.P was stored on the computer database you would not be required to take a new photo.

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Re: Procedure for obtaining duplicate Drivers permit

Postby Mercenary » Yesterday, 4:32 pm


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Re: Procedure for obtaining duplicate Drivers permit

Postby DjDaniel » Yesterday, 11:02 pm

Good info. Many are clueless about this procedure.


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