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Autocross 1 March 15th 2020

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Autocross 1 March 15th 2020

Postby CARSTT SoloDex » March 9th, 2020, 9:33 am

It’s finally here. The 1st Autocross competition event of 2020. Autocross consists of 7 competitive event throughout the year, from which competitors will be given points for each event depending on the lap times they set in their respective classes. There are 7 classes this year (HS, ES, ESP, SS, EP, EP-R and SM class), each different with respect to power, weight and modifications done. You can check DynoDay results to have an idea which class each competitor falls in. ( ... h-01-2020/ )

After all 7 events are completed throughout the year, we take the best 5 results from each competitor, tally up their points and a winner for each class will be crowned. Also, on Autocross #7, we will take all the class winners and put them to race against each other in our Shootout event, where the winner of that event will be given the title of Autocross Champion 2020. Of course, the year has just started, so for now, lets focus on Autocross #1.

AUTOCROSS #1 will be held in Arima Race Club (Santa Rosa Carpark), where there will be a course laid out for competitors to race on. One car will be racing on the track against the clock to set the fastest time in his/her class. It’s a competition that focuses heavily on driver skill and how well you can control your vehicle.

All are welcome to compete in this event, even if you haven’t registered to be a member or attended DynoDay. We highly encourage new drivers as well to take part as we guarantee you will learn better car control. You can register with the club on the day of the event if you choose as this will of course give you major benefits, including being able to qualify for the Championship and paying lower competition fees.

Autocross #1 Information:
Start Time: 9:30am (Vehicle inspection).
Cost: $180 (non-member) + $20 (gate fee). ($160 members)
Late Fee: $50 (call us if you are running late and we may ignore the late fee)
Location: Arima Race Club. (click here for map)
CALL or MESSAGE us in advance if you would like to book a tent for the day of the event. Tent cost $300 each. You are allowed to share the tent with others and split the cost if you desire.

We also would like to thank our sponsors for supporting us over the years and helping us host these events.

Trinituner – T&T’s Largest Automotive Website. (

DynoLab – Looking to tune your car or simply measure how much extra horsepower those fresh mods you installed made? Then give them a call. They are also a licensed vehicle inspection business. (

YACCO – Dealer for YACCO Oils & Additives, BC Racing coilovers, Vehicle Service Center, SuperPro Bushings, and many many more. See how they can help you with your vehicle. (

PRS Performance – For a wide variety of car products, from engine oils, cars detailing products, car accessories, additives, performance parts, etc. Give them a call and see what they have for you. (

For more information, please call or e-mail us anytime.
Runul – 745-5513
or any of the committee members ( )

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Re: Autocross 1 March 15th 2020

Postby nervewrecker » March 13th, 2020, 10:12 pm


saw that its cancelled.


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