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CARS Autocross #5 2019 - September 8th

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CARS Autocross #5 2019 - September 8th

Postby pete » September 3rd, 2019, 7:57 am


After the 2 month competition break we hope everyone has their cars sorted and ready to continue to battle the championship. Come out and test and have fun driving your car in a controlled environment where you can push the limit without endangering yourself or the public!
Scrutineering will begin at 9am so racing can be on the way as soon as possible.
We are enforcing the late fee of $50 for any competitor registering after 11am.
Registration fee $140 members $160 non-members
Entrance Fee $30 for non-members as always members are free
Helmets are available for rent on the day @ $50
Tents are available for $300 and can be booked by contacting Akash (467-1895) or Dave (727-1013)


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