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Solodex In papers

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Solodex In papers

Postby stikid09 » June 17th, 2012, 11:10 am

Allyuh see this!

ImageOne of the women’s competitors who put on a great showing, rookie driver, Maurissa Ramsamooj.

Kevon Ramjohn sped to the fastest time of the day at Creative Auto Recreational Sports’ (Cars) third autocrossing competition on June 3 at the Arima Race Club’s car park. The course was a modified version of the famous Anderstorp Raceway in Sweden and proved to be a technical challenge to all competitors. The combination of complex turns and fast straight provided a nice balance for both high powered machines like the EVOs and Subarus and their smaller lower horse-powered counterparts. There was a considerable turnout of seasoned and rookie competitors, but the complexity of the course showed up in the times clocked by both groups.

The fastest time of the day was recorded in the EP-R class by Ramjohn in his Mitsubishi EVO 8 at 100.418 seconds. He was followed very closely by Devi Nath on 100.711 seconds in a turbocharged Suzuki Swift. Rookie Cathy-Jo Noel was the fastest woman of the day, who recorded a time of 116.288 seconds in her Mitsubishi Lancer. Cars is a non-profit club that has been holding competitive autocrossing events since 2000. Cars developed this form of motorsport to give local enthusiasts a means to compete in a safe and controlled environment. The club is totally against street racing and through their driving schools and competition events, help to develop better skilled drivers on the roads of T&T. The club is hosting nine events during the year, the next one on July 8 at the Arima Race Club. For more information visit

1. Kevon Ramjohn/Mitsubishi EVO 8 – 100.418
2. Devi Nath/SUZUKI Swift Turbo – 100.711
3. Larry Rampersadsingh/SUZUKI IGNIS SPORT – 101.604

1. Amir Hosein/MISUBISHI EVO 6 – 100.962
2. Randy Rambhai/MITSUBISHI EVO 8 – 104.435
3. Adesh Ramdeen/SUBARU STI – 105.469

1. Christopher Ramnath/SUZUKI IGNIS SPORT- 104.449
2. – Barry Mykoo/HONDA S2000 – 108.148
3. – David Jaggernauth/SUZUKI SWIFT GTI – 109.394

1. Pete Arrindell/SUZUKI SWIFT – 106.365
2. Dwayne Caberrea/SUZUKI SWIFT SPORT – 113.951
3. Shayen Mohammed/SUZUKI IGNIS SPORT – 114.154

1. Adrian Persad/HONDA CIVIC SEDAN SIR – 108.692
2. Matthew Russel/SUZUKI SWIFT SPORT – 112.721
3. Lee Yum Tom Pack/HONDA CIVIC SEDAN – 113.32

1. Moses Moonsie/HONDA CIVIC – 111.872
2. Cathy-Jo Noel/MITSUBISHI LANCER – 116.288
3. Anjanie Charran/NISSAN B14 – 120.089 ... cing-event

nice to have some acknowledgement for motorsports!

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Re: Solodex In papers

Postby María » June 18th, 2012, 11:17 am

yup very nice

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Re: Solodex In papers

Postby crazybalhead » June 22nd, 2012, 8:39 am

Thanks do djaggs for the hard work getting this done.

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Re: Solodex In papers

Postby SR » July 9th, 2012, 9:15 am

nice finally some coverage for local motorsport

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Re: Solodex In papers

Postby crazybalhead » July 16th, 2012, 10:11 am

We are hoping for an artile on DEX 4 soon. Stay tuned! Thanks to Djaggs and his efforts!!!!

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Re: Solodex In papers

Postby MG Man » July 16th, 2012, 3:41 pm

can we also see a solidex fashionista review in the papers? Randy in his manpris and Kesnut in his hardcore PJs


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