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BYCC#1 Feb 5th 2017

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BYCC#1 Feb 5th 2017

Postby CARSTT SoloDex » January 26th, 2017, 9:56 am

With Dyno Day settled and eveyone registered we should start the new year right, lets get into the racing seat and do what we do best, RACE!

The day’s activities will include unlimited Head to Head competition with timed runs.
We are also weighing cars at a cost of $100 per member.

Gate fees are at a cost of $30.00TT per non member.
Free entry at the gates for members.
All persons participating: $150.00TT
Helmets are on rental: $50.00TT
Tents: $325.00TT

Scheduled time for the start is 10:00am.

As per the general guidelines, no
short pants, opened toe shoes or heels for all those participating. Also all passengers who are riding along with driver must wear a helmet.
Tents are available for Sunday book in advance by contacting Dave @ 727-1013.
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