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Rally Trinidad 2011 (press release)

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Rally Trinidad 2011 (press release)

Postby sio » April 27th, 2011, 10:09 am

By Jacqueline Alexis – TTRC Secretary / PRO

1st time rallying in Trinidad, Jeffrey Panton and co-driver Michael Fennell took the prestigious RT11 trophy back to Jamaica with their WRC Ford Focus 2000. Panton is a very experienced and skilful driver of 24 years, 4-time winner of Rally Jamaica and a consistent top finisher in Rally Barbados. The duo was very pleased with the win and Panton marvelled at our “… extraordinary stages and the right atmosphere to go with it. The potential for growth is enormous and I look forward to your continued growth and our mutual support…”

Barbadians Sean Gill and Michael Cummings were relegated to Overall 2nd place by 21 seconds in their WRC Suzuki SX4. Gill, another very notable rally driver, is a top 2WD contender in his country and was actually faster than Panton in 4 of the stages in Bronte and Cedar Hill on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Gary Gregg / High Hutchinson, the other Jamaican team in their WRC Ford Focus 2005 unfortunately experienced technical issues during the 8th stage on Bronte that threw them out of the competition. Nonetheless, he enjoyed competing in RT11 and “ … next year, will try and get more competitors to travel to Trinidad …The Rally is growing from strength to strength ..”

Overall 3rd place went to John Powell and Jason Costelloe who competed in a brand new Shell Helix/Intercontinental Shipping sponsored EVO 10 after damaging his WRC Subaru in Rally Jamaica 2010. Powell trailed Gill by just 21 seconds and is also the 4WD group, 2-N class winner.

Worthy mention must be made of a couple of new faces in Winners’ Row in the other classes. Cristian Bourne and Rikard Asbjornson who debύted in RT10, gave a very creditable performance in their CRISM/Castrol/Peak Performance/DHL/Mileage Mack/Tint Specialist sponsored Mitsubishi Evo VII and secured 1st place honours in 4WD group, 3-A class. Ryan Peyrau and Simon Rodriguez who are in their 2nd showing, captured 3rd place in 2WD group, 2-3 class. Peyrau is displaying great potential in their Shell Helix/Lifestyle Motors/ Monster Energy Drink/Websource/Venture Bodyshop/SAS Racing/Lange Trinidad sponsored Suzuki Swift. Reyaz Mohammed/ Sayyad Siddiq who also debύted this year in their ex-Rezan Mohammed’s Shell Helix sponsored Mitsubishi Colt, finished all the stages and took 3rd place trophies in 2WD group, 2-4 class.

Jamaican Bobby Marshall who has been vying for the Rally Club’s Championship since last year, continued his winning streak by copping 1st place in 2WD group, 2-3 class in his Total/Subway sponsored Mitsubishi Colt. Shelford Robinson and Rajesh Jairam took 1st place honours in 2WD group, 2-4 class in their Schaeffer’s sponsored Nissan Sentra.

For each successive year over the last 4 years, Rally Trinidad has been showing tremendous growth. Rally Trinidad 2011 began with the Opening Ceremony on the Thursday in the Hasely Crawford Stadium with 2 special night runs in front of a 2000-strong cheering crowd. The Rally Action then shifted early on Saturday and Sunday to the southlands of Bronte and Cedar Hill where the high quality technical stages prepped with the invaluable assistance of the Junior Sammy Group of Companies, tested the mettle, skill and endurance of all 29 competitors.

RT11 ended in Saith Park Chaguanas as in previous years. This leg was patronised by His Worship Mayor Orlando Nagassar and well attended by an enthusiastic crowd that lined the streets and every possible vantage point. They were treated to some spectacular driving by Panton, Powell and Gill, who eventually captured the coveted Mayor’s Cup title and trophy. Son of Chaguanas Ainsley Lochan, who did not compete this year, brought RT11 to a finale by making an appearance in his colourful EVO IX and delighted the fans with some fancy driving.

The Prize Giving occurred at Saith Park, where the STAG, ULTRA, DASANI WATER and QUICK SERVICE girls assisted with the distribution of awards, to the loud cheers of the exuberant spectators.

The Rally Club thanks all sponsors, officials, marshals, media resources, the St George County REACT Team 4928, 4x4 Trail Blazers and TTMMA and everyone who has contributed in any way to the resounding success of this event.


Overall Winners

1st - Jeffrey Panton/Michael Fennell - WRC Ford Focus 2000:1 hr 33 mins 39.62 sec
2nd - Sean Gill/Michael Cummings - WRC Suzuki SX4: 1 hr 34 mins 30.79 seconds
3rd - John Powell/Jason Costelloe - Mitsubishi Evo X: 1 hr 34 mins 51.64 seconds

WRC group

1st - Jeffrey Panton/Michael Fennell - WRC Ford Focus 2000:1 hr 33 mins 39.62 sec
2nd - Sean Gill/Michael Cummings - WRC Suzuki SX4: 1 hr 34 mins 30.79 seconds

4WD group, 2-N class

1st - John Powell/Jason Costelloe - Mitsubishi Evo X: 1 hr 34 mins 51.64 seconds
2nd - David Coelho/ James T. Harris - Mitsubishi Evo IX: 1 hr 41 mins 33.67 seconds
3rd - Stuart Johnson/ Lee Quesnel - Subaru STI N12: 1 hr 42 mins 26.13 seconds

4WD group, 3-A class

1st - Cristian Bourne/Rikard Absjornson - Mitsubishi Evo VII: 1 hr 45 mins 31.10 seconds
2nd - Kumar Ramdass/Matthew Russell - Mitsubishi Evo III: 1 hr 55 mins 57.81 seconds
3rd - Latiff Khan/Kurt De Freitas - Mitsubishi Evo VII: 2 hrs 8 mins 15.48 seconds

2WD group, 2-3 class

1st - Bobby Marshall/ Anand Awai - Mitsubishi Colt: 1 hr 51 mins 10.49 seconds
2nd - Donald Gopaul/Michael Dinnoo – Toyota Starlet: 1 hr 53 mins 34.10 seconds
3rd - Ryan Peyrau/ Simon Rodriguez – Suzuki Swift: 2 hrs 5 mins 15.20 seconds

2WD group, 2-4 class

1st - Shelford Robinson/Rajesh Jairam – Nissan B13: 2 hrs 6 mins 32.32 seconds
2nd - Franklyn Seegobin/Shiva Maharaj– Toyota Corolla: 2 hrs 12 mins 10.53 seconds
3rd - Reyaz Mohammed/Sayyad Suddiq – Mitsubishi Colt: 2 hrs 15 mins 43.82 seconds

Best Team:

Subway/Total - David Coelho/ James T. Harris and Bobby Marshall/ Anand Awai


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