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Box for Atomic 10 apx

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Box for Atomic 10 apx

Postby venomz » March 2nd, 2014, 10:27 pm

I came into possession with this ten, and was looking for some specs for this sub

what size of box for a single sub?
and the port size?

since it came in a 2cubic ft box with a 2inch slot port tuned at 33hz and well... I think the speaker can get louder than this...

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Re: Box for Atomic 10 apx

Postby RAJIE » March 3rd, 2014, 8:30 am

From Atomic site

Apocalypse series

AP10- ported – 1.5ft3 4” port x 18” long (36Hz) F3=38Hz 500w
2.0ft3 4” port x 11 ½” long (32HZ) F3=36Hz 500w
2.0ft3 2(4” ports x 8 ¾” long) (55Hz) F3=45Hz 1000w (SPL)

AP10D- Ported – 1.5ft3 4” port x 18” long (36Hz) F3=74Hz 400w
2.0ft3 4” port x 11 ¼” long (36Hz) F3=38Hz 400w
2.0ft3 2(4” ports x8 ½” long) (55Hz) F3=49Hz 1000w (SPL)


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