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Oil leak on crankshaft seal of 3zz Altis

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Oil leak on crankshaft seal of 3zz Altis

Postby onyx » August 21st, 2019, 7:37 am

Hey toyota team, I am having an issue with my toyota altis 3zz engine.

I observed an oil leak from the crankshaft seal and te mechanic changed the pully to a FU one as it was wobbly, he also changed the seal to one from the parts place.. the wobbling is gone.. but the leak is still there.. its not leaking on the ground though.. but around the pully you can see oil.. i did an underwash as i initially thought it was residue.. but it still leaks.. can anyone help with this.. pleade let me know.. thanks

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Re: Oil leak on crankshaft seal of 3zz Altis

Postby TurboSingh12 » November 29th, 2019, 9:52 am

Did he use a genuine Toyota seal?


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