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Pajero Evo Tappet Srcew Settings

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Pajero Evo Tappet Srcew Settings

Postby PAJEVO92 » March 28th, 2018, 5:08 am

Hi All

Just finishing rebuilding a 3.5l MIVEC engine from an imported 1992 Pajero Evolution but I can't for the life of me fine the settings for the tappets anywhere.

The generic I can find are 0.9mm but if anyone has actual information of Heaven Forbid any time of technical manuals etc it'd be highly appreciated.

So few of these bad boys made that finding any form of tech data on them is like Snipe hunting!!! :roll:



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Re: Pajero Evo Tappet Srcew Settings

Postby *KRONIK* » March 28th, 2018, 7:01 am

I loved these pajero evos

Remember only 2500 were made and all the parts for the vehicle were specific, as in they didnt reuse parts from other mistubishi models. So prepare to face some issues. Information is also limited as they werent enough of them to have active forums with detailed information.

As regards the tappets, i would have thought they would use hydraulic lifters.

Can you post some pics of the van and build?

Many moons ago i had the opportunity to check out this 1 when it was for sale and i was very impressed.



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