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High parts prices, No insurance

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High parts prices, No insurance

Postby riderz » April 20th, 2008, 9:26 am

So meh bro buying a TS, reach the part that he getting the insurance. This is almost close of play Friday evening and they stayed back to help him. So the CSR taking all the information from him. So he ask what kind of vehicle. My bro says Subaru, the agent stops throw up his hands and says oh gorsh man we dont do insurance for Subarus again. So my bro says why, is a TS they say or ok if its a TS then no problem. He got the insurance.

He gives me the story and I was like WTF, so I call my contacts at the same insurance company and he said he didnt know anything about that. He goes on their system and rightly enough it refers to a memo about subarus. He pulls the memo, (didnt get all word for word)

"Due to the phenominal rise in Subaru Replacement parts for the RORO Subaru WRX, STI, Forester and Legacy, cover for these vehicles are now a liability and claims go beyond normal repair estimates. The local agent for Subaru have advised that parts are not normally ordered for some models of RORO Subarus and such used parts offer an alternative for immediate repair.

The Subaru Market is exclusive and limited vendors are available. The demand trend in this market offers used part suppliers an avenue to successfully hike prices. "

Its a shame, that turbo owners are being short listed because of some merchants. What happens if all the insurance companies take this action. Its only a matter of time.

Solution, Easy.

We are the Subaru Market they are referring too. Dont accept high prices for parts. Esp when you making a claim. Remember you can get almost any part for your Subaru overseas, brand new or used better prices even when cleared.

There are many on this forum who bring in parts for themselves and can help other members. If you run into a jam dont let you insurance company put you as a statistic to their data to affect other Subaru owners.

And for the merchants who read this, (BTW this doesnt affect me because I dont buy parts from anybody but N&M locally), "have a heart nah you killing the Subaru owner"

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Postby 3NEKarter » April 20th, 2008, 10:35 am

I agree,
As a matter of fact this post should go into te Buying and Selling section for the vendors to see the efect of teir extremely high prices.

Also the respective Subaru Clubs should write letters to the local Vendors and work together to control the vendors and their prices.

Let move like the supermarket association and banks let use control the prices we pay for parts.

my $0.02

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Postby R.Lewis » May 7th, 2008, 1:01 pm

Hey I have a Subaru front Half with engine and Sus and it will only cost 15,000,got suspension for the rear too. You can call me at 727-0628


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