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Should I buy a Mazda

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Should I buy a Mazda

Postby NoobTriniDriver » July 26th, 2019, 2:27 am

Good night,

I am looking to purchase a vehicle. 2nd hand, and I like the look of the mazda 3 verisons 2006 -2010. The looks and driver are nice but the most important things is that I do not want a vehicle that is prone to specific problems or that parts are hard to find or mechanics are difficult to source. Is a 2006-2010 mazda 3 a good idea. And whats the difference between the axela, mazda 3 foreign used and the local mazda 3's?

Riding on 13's
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Re: Should I buy a Mazda

Postby Duudette » February 3rd, 2021, 1:52 pm

I currently own a Mazda 3. 2008. It's a really good car when it comes to performance and cornering. In terms of fuel economy, not much, the current model, I have 2.3 liters, consumes a lot of gas every time I drive it, forcing me to make more stops, so now I'm thinking about replacing the car with a mazda 6. Looked at mazda 6 review and made sure that it has excellent characteristics.
But I will also say that maintenance is rarely required for the Mazda 3, it rides smoothly, with a little wear, but overall it is a pretty good car considering its age.


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