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E36 Clutch Fork - Need advise

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E36 Clutch Fork - Need advise

Postby 3.5v6 » August 4th, 2017, 11:49 am

Hello Tuners,

History, One day my Clutch went very loose free no resistance when pressed. Last time when it happened, it was Slave Cylinder which had a leak, I replaced and everything worked good.

This time when same symptoms occurred and I had leaking break fluid from Slave. I assumed its the same thing and I replaced slave again, but when started to bleed no pressure build up and clutch pedal remain free. I took out slave and found out that the shaft which pushes out and suppose to push fork was all the way out and seal was broken.

Now here possibility is, that i did not align the slave push pin/shaft properly with the fork and it just pushed out when pedal was pressed.

When I was under the car I tried to play with the Fork and noticed that, it is free and i can move it back and forth with my fingers, and do not have any spring action. My understanding is Clutch fork should have a spring action so when i push it back it s suppose to come back which is not happening. I might be wrong, have no experience with manual trans repairs.

Now question is if the fork suppose to have that spring action when pushed with finger or no? I did not buy new Slave cylinder again and try because i am confused now if it is slave again or fork spring came off or broken. I do not want to go through dropping the transmission if i dont have to. so please help me to figure it out. I can just buy a new slave cylinder and try, but locally its not available and will have to go online, I will prefer to purchase everything one time if i have to buy fork / spring /pin or release bearing.

Apologize for long post and poor english, but wanted to explain as much as possible so correct advise can be given.

Thanks in advance.


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