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Making Different Income Streams In T&T (Business,Hustling,Careers,ETC)

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Making Different Income Streams In T&T (Business,Hustling,Careers,ETC)

Postby R3TROB3N » April 16th, 2018, 7:31 am

Just reading some posts from the forums so I say lemme run with something. So to start the discussion is it still valid for young people to do a degree in Trinidad And Tobago(or anyone in general) or they should try other avenues such as, starting a business, doing a trade, forex, hustling, farming, online businesses, Tutoring/Mentoring, Crypto ETC.

Do share your feedback and opinions as I want this to be a FULLY FEATURED THREAD for anyone whom want to know what are their possible LEGAL options in life, regards to staying afloat and thriving in life in our small Banana Republic that is Trinidad And Tobago.

To start it off I believe for people who very knowledgeable in a skill, offering a online training course (SkillShare/Linda) or even mentoring is a valid option to bring in extra revenue.

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Re: Making Different Income Streams In T&T (Business,Hustling,Careers,ETC)

Postby Sundar » April 16th, 2018, 7:59 am

My opinion trade have money. But everyone want easy money.

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Re: Making Different Income Streams In T&T (Business,Hustling,Careers,ETC)

Postby The_Honourable » April 16th, 2018, 12:13 pm

Education up to secondary level is important but it needs to be reformed. Tertiary level you have to be sure on your choices to get a job which many find out the hard way when it's time to go in the job market. That being said, don't be naive to think that one stream of income is enough. It will be enough if you are single and have no mortgage.

Network Marketing is good but pyramid schemes and dishonesty runs amok especially for the past 12 years in T&T.

Forex and Crypto are also good but just like network marketing, dishonesty and schemes are at play right now.

Farming is a good option but there are poor support systems to keep it alive and people nowadays don't want to plant. Easier to use the land to build real estate.

Tutoring/Mentoring is a very good option. Should be looked into.

Can't go wrong opening a business... but you have to satisfy a need and have some form of competitive advantage which many people miss. I'm seeing some being brash especially in the network marketing side opening a "group of companies" calling themselves entrepreneurs hoping to be the next Sabga yet they are financially in the red. If you are selling Nutralite and calling yourself an entrepreneur because you read a Robert Kiyosaki book (his books are good), you are deluding yourself. The real entrepreneurs are the ones who own nutralite/amway and the 1st set of people who started the business in a country.

Once you have a skill, hustling is good. Developing your skills and being honest with your customers will be jackpot down the road.


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