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Paria falls still exists

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Paria falls still exists

Postby desifemlove » December 13th, 2016, 4:07 pm ... -destroyed


Local conservation group, Papa Bois Conservation, is reassuring citizens that Paria Waterfall is still standing.

Group director Marc de Vertueil issued a statement via social media on Monday, after photos showing the destruction circulated online on Sunday.

De Verteuil said that the falls, although they were covered by falled trees and other debris from heavy flooding, are otherwise intact.

"Paria waterfall is not destroyed. This is what it looks like after the rain storm. It is still there."

"Before I saw this photo I asked Courtenay Bushman Rooks what he thought and he wisely replied that Paria Waterfall will take millions of years to erode. By the looks of it many trees are uprooted and the water has a lot of sediment. This will fix itself. There will be many more hikes. Photo taken from TripAdvisor. December 2016. Stop the spread of fake news. (Marc)"

Media shared news of the 'destroyed' falls based on photos posted online on Sunday by the University of the West Indies (UWI) Clubs, which showed damaged trees covering the falls.

However, the post was updated to note that the falls are still structurally intact.

that's of the best spots to hang out/hike in.


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