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32 competitors for this weekends race

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Rotax Masters
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32 competitors for this weekends race

Postby LEEding-Edge28 » March 5th, 2010, 12:51 pm

The Trinidad and Tobago Karting Association is proud to boast a total of 32 competitors for our first event of 2010. We'll be seeing last years champions Nicholas Madan- Cadet, Bridget Singh-100cc and Gerard Carrington- Rotax Masters all returning to defend their titles in their respective classes. 2009 Rotax International champion Luke Bhola has moved up to the shifter class leaving the rotax title up for grabs. With last years Shifter champion, Marc Gill unable to attend this first race the other competitors will be looking to grab an early lead in the championship.

Cadet Class- 7 Competitors

Nicholas Madan and the Club Towers team are ready to fight off the competition to keep his title as Cadet class Champion but last years runner up Aamir Mohammed is set to pose a serious challenge and has been looking very quick in pre-season testing thanks to his AM Hardware and HN Racing Team

#11 Nicholas Madan
#9 Aamir Mohammed
#2 Jonmycal Sant
#57 Ty Carrington
#190 Isa Deen
#17 Kevin Boodoosingh
#63 Enrique De Leon

100cc- 7 Competitor

In 2009 we saw 13 year old Bridget Singh smiling in her Racetech Engineering kart as she decimated the boys of 100cc. This year Rallymac sponsored driver Johnathan McKenzie wants to prove he deserves the top step but lets not count out Sharaz Hosein. His flamboyant driving style has gotten him on the podium more than just a few times.

#74 Bridget Singh
#99 Johnathan McKenzie
#77 Sharaz Hosein
#32 Haresh Nanan
#96 Haymant Singh
#191 Saleem Deen
#29 Shane Pinheiro

Rotax Masters- 8 Competitors

Gerard Carrington steered his Innovative Security Kart to a commanding lead in the championship midway through 2009 and enjoyed it the rest of the year to take the title but he wont have such an easy ride this time around. Clyde Supersad is expected to fight at the front of the pack along with Fyzool "Budit" Madan in his Club Towers kart, Aslim Ali sponsored by Presidential Insurance and the new boy John Curran. 2010 also brings the return of Shameel Mohammed and the SAS Racing team along with Raj Baboolal. 2010 can be anyone of these guys year.

#18 Gerard Carrington
#45 Clyde Supersad
#70 Aslim Ali
#05 Fyzool Madan
#7 Shameel Mohammed
#55 Rajendra Baboolal
#4 Martin Abraham
#? John Curran

Rotax International- 7 Competitors

With no defending champion there to defend their title, Rotax International is going to be a free for all. Club Towers has another potential champion within Ryan Peyrau and the Castrol LEEding-edge team will look to Aaron Lee for positive results as Marcus Skinner tries to claim his 1st win in the Lange Trinidad sponsored kart.

#100 Ryan Peyrau
#28 Aaron Lee
#999 Marcus Skinner
#192 Craig Sumair
#17 Kristian Boodoosingh
#73 Brandon Singh
#10 Christian MacKenzie

Shifters- 3 Competitors

Unfortunately the shifter class has struggled to have a consistent class in the past couple of years. The last race of 2009 had 6 karts on the grid and many have said they will return in 2010. For now only 3 have confirmed by paying their entry fees.

#23 Nicholas Narinesingh
#88 Luke Bhola
#300 Ray Wong Doo

Along with our usual race schedule we are aiming to have an extra race at the end of the day which will be the most exciting. It won't be for points but instead for cash! Before any racing or qualifying starts any competitor willing to take part will enter for a fee of $100. Now this race is open for all classes except cadets. So it includes 100cc, Rotax Masters and International and Shifters. Theoretically if everyone from those 4 classes race the winner will go home with $2,500!!! Now there can only be one winner. Our timing and scoring officials will time the starts so 100cc will set off 1st followed by Rotax Masters and Rotax International close behind with the shifters the last to start in such away that everyone has a realistic chance of winning the race. It will by far be the most action packed race of the day. Great for all our racers and our race fans.

On behalf of the TTKA committee we wish all our competitors a safe a successful event and hope to see everyone at the track next to the Arima Race Club on Sunday.


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