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White Smoke After Head Gasket Replacement

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White Smoke After Head Gasket Replacement

Postby pharezcats » May 14th, 2019, 11:19 am

Hello good day all, I need some help with this g4js engine, I have just put a new head gasket on and the car still smokes, it has been shaved because the head was warped, pressure tested which came back good and new head bolts were installed, it has been torque and the angles also,the 90 + 90 degrees after the 15ft , the exhaust has a whole also but i don`t think that will be a problem other than noise. The only thing that made me worried was some of the water ports for the head was rusted a little, so it was a little wider than the head gasket, i have also check the IAC because coolant passes through it, but it isn`t leaking from the valve, the block is cast iron and was not warped.
Also i should mention that i does not smoke on cold start or warm at idle, it only smoke and continues to when i rev the engine a couple of times.


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