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Trini Motor Racing Events

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2007 Events

Special Events

D.W.O Drift Day - 19th August 2007 (Click for more)
Our local drift club, the Drift World Order (D.W.O) held a drift practice day at the Arima Race Club car park. Tyres were sacrificed and some cones got tossed around as drivers attempted to hone their drifting skills. The D.W.O is hoping to make these drifting events more frequent in the near future and help broaden the scope of motorsport in Trinidad & Tobago.

2007 BMW X5 Launch - 27th June 2007 (Click for more)
Southern Sales unveiled the second generation of Audi's world famous sports coupe, the Audi TT. Invited guests were treated to an up close look at the new coupe, as well as the rest of Audi's luxury line up.

2007 Audi TT Launch - 2nd June 2007 (Click for more)
Southern Sales unveiled the second generation of Audi's world famous sports coupe, the Audi TT. Invited guests were treated to an up close look at the new coupe, as well as the rest of Audi's luxury line up.

Spring Break Nationals @ Daytona - 23rd, 24th & 25th March 2007 (Click for more)
Our local IASCA judges once again made their annual journey over to Daytona Florida for the IASCA Spring Break Nationals. This time they took Zorce photographer Narend Sooknarine along, who provided us with some excellent coverage!


Drag Racing

Invasion Of the Imports III - Antigua - 24th June 2007 (Click for more)
The International Drag Racing Event, Invasion of the Imports 3, turned out to be the biggest Motor Racing Event ever hosted in Antigua. The weekend saw four visiting countries with 29 cars coming to do battle with the best of Antigua.

Days of Thunder @ Pearls Raceway - 11th-12th February 2007 (Click for more)
The Grenada Motorsports Club (GMC) in association with DAP held their invitational Days of Thunder drags @ Pearls Raceway. Seventeen cars and drivers from Trinidad & Tobago went over to compete in this invitational event.


Circuit Racing

T&T Daniel Ramoutarsingh in CAC Championship in Costa Rica - 28th November 2007 (Click for more)
Daniel Ramoutarsingh and his team were able to secure the 3rd position in the overall championship and are only a few points away from the first and second position leaders, Cromwell Cuestas’ Volvo S 80 and Carlos Zaid C5 Corvette, both of Guatemala nationality.

T&T Daniel Ramoutarsingh races GT1 Jaguar in Guatemala - places 3rd! - 28th October 2007 (Click for more)
Daniel Ramoutarsingh had finished well enough to tie for third place overall in the Central American Championship with Carlos Zaid.

T&T Daniel Ramoutarsingh competes in Central American Championship - 21st September 2007 (Click for more)
Trinidad and Tobago championship winning pilot, Daniel Ramoutarsingh, is scheduled to compete in the 2007 Central American Championship, driving Rocketsports Chassis RS28, the GT 1 / GTS Jaguar formerly owned by Rocketsports owner and championship race car constructor and driver Paul Gentilozzi, of Michigan, USA.



Rally 'Roller Coaster' II - Chaguanas - 1st September 2007 (Click for more)
The TTRC made a return to the 'roller coaster' stage. Undaunted by the Independence Day tropical depression alert, Competitors and Spectators made their way to the Beautiful Woodlands just behind TAP and ABEL Block Factory for the start of the event.

Rally 'Roller Coaster' - Chaguanas - 22nd July 2007 (Click for more)
With the approval of the Couva Tabaquite Talparo Regional Corporation, Chaguanas played host to the TTRC on the weekend with an inaugural Gravel rally held just east of the Abel Block Factory, The stage of 4.3 KM ran from Depot Road to Mt Moriah. Heading east to Cunupia.

51 Degrees 51 Miles Auto Safari - 1st July 2007 (Click for more)
It's always great to have fun with great people. The 51degrees Photo Safari Fun Rally fit the bill perfectly. C.A.R.S. used their experience in navigational rallies to handle the logistics of this one and 51' and the crazy competitors poured on the rest!

Trailblazers 4X4 Rally & Treasure hunt - 24th June 2007 (Click for more)
Once again Trailblazers Off road club pulled off their 3rd annual 4x4 Rally & Treasure Hunt. Twenty-odd 4x4 vehicles lined up in the car park of the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, ranging from a brand new Toyota Prado to a Suzuki Jimny.

Rally Ah Fear - Preysal - 21st April 2007 (Click for more)
Hot on the heels of Rally Trinidad 07, the TTRC held a fantastic followup which gave the capacity crowd a replay of the WRC S9, the OPel of James Betts and a welcome return of John Powell in an 06 Grp N STi. At the end of the event it was Grp N regulars Barry McKenzie and Ainsley Lochan with an unprecedented tie for first place.

ULTRA/STAG Rally Trinidad '07 - 31st March 2007 (Click for more)
The Trinidad & Tobago Rally Club hosted the first Leg of the Caribbean Speed Stages Rally Championship on 31st March & 1st April in association with The Ministry of Sport &Youth Affairs and primary Sponsors Ultra Oils / Stag Beer.

Rally All Inclusive - Cedar Hill - 25th February 2007 (Click for more)
The TTRC kicks off its 2007 season with a bang! The long sweeping Cedar Hill stage puts some of the cars and drivers through their paces in preparation for Rally Trinidad International. Expect to see some new high powered cars and drivers for the upcoming event in March.


Car Shows

World Of Cars Vol.2 - 26th August 2007 (Click for more)
The Hasley Crawford Stadium played host to several top customizing shops such as Autotrax, Car Craft, Chop Shop and many more, for the second event in the World Of Cars series of car shows.

Carib Great Race - Car & Boat Show 2007 - 12th August 2007 (Click for more)
MK Promotions & Streetwise Sounds held their annual Pre-Great Race Car & Boat Show at the Hasley Crawford stadium. The most popular Great Race competitor boats were present, as well as the top show cars from around the island. Throw in a bevy of beautiful babes courtesy Carib, Shandy and Battery into the mix and you would understand why this event is such a big hit every year!

100% IASCA 11 - 5th August 2007 (Click for more)
Competition is always tough at IASCA events and the 11th show in their now infamous 100% IASCA series was no different. Team Hybrid Trinidad once again performed a clean sweep of the Sound Q competition and things got ‘heated’ in IdBL with competitors literally smoking amps and subs, in an effort to hit the highest db possible. We’ve been told that their next event will be the last one for the 2007 season, and it looks like its going to be the best one yet!

The Tobago Motor Show - 29th July 2007 (Click for more)
There was lots of excitement over in the sister isle as The Tobago Motor Show. Blinged out rides weren't the only feature of this show, as local car dealerships also got involved by displaying their latest models.

MK Promotions Car Show/Sound Off & Curry Duck - 15th July 2007 (Click for more)
MK Promotions decided to add an extra element to their tried and tested car show formula, by adding a curry duck competition to the event!

Streetwise Extreme Autofest Vol.2 - 8th July 2007 (Click for more)
Ahhh...School's out ...20 dollars a car load on a sunday. Streetwise sounds presented their Extreme Autofest 4 vol 2 on the big screen at Kay donna drive in.The beers were cold and the models were hot as Stag promoted their new sportero giveaway. Db drag format was introuduced at this event and the sponge bob march took the highest spl for the night 155.8dB

100% IASCA 10 - 29th April 2007 (Click for more)
IASCA 10 saw a return to SAMAR complex. The Mangalsingh clan were at it again in sound q but the old man showed the boys how its done with his "baby girl" corrolla wagon. Quite a nice showing of rookie competitors. Advance no wall saw an impressive score of 151 dB and in bass boxing, BBQ boys saw some serious competition coming from Team low frequency in the second round results to follow in the IASCA forum.

100% IASCA 9 - 29th April 2007 (Click for more)
IASCA Trinidad & Tobago got their 2007 season off to a rolling start with their 1st event for the year. Interest in IASCA keeps growing as more competitors turn up at each show, this time cars from Tobago came over to take part!

Cars In Combat 5 - 21st April 2007 (Click for more)
"Cars In Combat" is always a big hit in Rio Claro and this was proven for the 5th time at the Rio Claro recreation grounds.

Autotrax Easter Carshow - Tobago - 8th April 2007 (Click for more)
Autotrax celebrated "10 years strong" in the car customizing business by hosting their ever popular Easter weekend car show in Tobago. Lending their support was the Trinidad & Tobago Mini club, who made quite a showing with over 20 cars and a crew of over 50 people! The Bmobile customized Honda Civic was also unveiled at this event.

All-Car-Holics 10 - 4th March 2007 (Click for more)
The popular All-car-holics car show series came around once again. All the usual car show favourites were there along with some new comers and even a couple old school rides.




TTKA Karting @ ARC - 29th July 2007 (Click for more)
A fun time was had by all present at the car park of the Arima Race Course on July 29th. Karters and supporters came out in spite of the inclement weather and enjoyed a great day of racing.

TTKA Karting @ ARC - 24th June 2007 (Click for more)
Once again the TTKA refused to let the wet track hamper their karting action. It was business as usual for the karters with some well executed passes and even some three wheel action around the hair-pins!

TTKA Karting @ ARC - 3rd June 2007 (Click for more)
Things got wet 'n wild for the kart racers at ARC, who used the opportunity to display their driving skills on the wet track.

TTKA Karting @ ARC - 6th May 2007 (Click for more)
After the disappointment of canceling the April 14th race meet, drivers came out hungry for victory. Every meeting gets more and more exciting and our numbers continue to grow.

TTKA Karting @ ARC - 18th March 2007 (Click for more)
The TTKA is moving full speed ahead with their 2007 series, having Round 3 of competition a mere 2 weeks after their last event.

TTKA Karting @ ARC - 4th March 2007 (Click for more)
Exactly one month after their first event for 2007, TTKA held their second official cometition event. This time they decided to mix things up a bit, by having the racers run the course in reverse!

TTKA Karting @ ARC - 4th February 2007 (Click for more)
After a short resting period, our local kart racers were already back into fierce competition at TTKA's first official event for 2007.



Solodex 5 - 16th September 2007 (Click for more)
With only two more events to go for the 2007 championship, the competitors have been jostling for position feverishly. Each class seems to be hotly contested and even the newcomers have their own grudges going. Its going to be heated right down to the last run!

Solodex BYCC - 12th August 2007 (Click for more)
Championship Solodex competition was put aside for this event to allow anyone willing to try their hands at dexterity racing. BYCC as it called, is an acronym for Bring Yuh Car and Come and participants entered with everything from Corolla daily drivers to weekend racer Evolutions. The Ferrari F430 graced the event with it's presence but the owner opted to spectate this time.

Solodex 4 - 15th July 2007 (Click for more)
Solodex is increasing in popularity a spectator sport as more and more seats are filled with every event. With several car clubs and corporate bodies making a strong show of support, it looks as though things are only going to get bigger and better for CARSTT for the rest of 2007.

Solodex 3 - 10th June 2007 (Click for more)
Wetter was definitely better for the solodexers who were not afraid to get down 'n dirty in the pouring rain at the ARC car park.

Solodex 2 - 29th April 2007 (Click for more)
Solodex just keeps getting bigger and better everytime around and Solodex 2 continued this trend with more spectators and more novice competitors.

Solodex BYCC - 25th February 2007 (Click for more)
For their second event for 2007, CARSTT decided to take a break from competition and held one of their ever popular BYCC solodex events.

Solodex 1 - 14th January 2007 (Click for more)
The new CARS executive wasted no time in starting off the 2007 Solodex season. Already new faces are appearing on the track and some 'dex veterans are making their return too!




Powerboat Racing

Carib Great Race 2007 - 25th August 2007 (Click for more)
Its that time of year again where the waters off Chaguaramas are at its busiest. Scores of boats headed out to sea to catch a glimpse of some of the now infamous Great Race boats fly by, and some of them actually did!

RC Powerboat Racing - 25th March 2007 (Click for more)
The Trinidad & Tobago Model Powerboat Club enjoyed some Radio Controlled Boat racing at the TTPBA's regatta.

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