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D Shop

Civic Clear Corners
Estimated Time: 3-4 hours

Phillips screwdriver
10mm socket & ratchet
flat-tip screwdrivers (2)
hairdryer (we not responsible if yuh sister dont want to lend you her own)
silicone sealant


In order to remove the bumper to reach the lights, you have to remove the retaining bolts and screws at the bottom of the bumper. First, remove the black screw that holds the airbox to the bumper then remove the two bolts placed just off center of the underside of the bumper. (that is pressure!)

Next, you will need to remove the plastic retainers on the top part of the bumper. Open your bonnet and you will see them on the top part of the bumper. For 96 civics remove the screw, then pull out the retainer. For 97 civics, use a flat tip to lift the smaller tab, then pull out the whole retainer.

Next, you will need to remove the screws that are on the ends of the bumpers, they are inside the wheel well. Use a Phillips screwdriver. There are screws on both sides.
Remove the bumper carefully by pulling it off on each side, then holding it in the center.

You'll see 4 bolts that hold the headlight in. Two on top, and one on each side. Remove them. You will also need to remove the corner lamp light, as well as the headlight correctors. Turn the corner lamp socket to the left to undo it, and pinch the headlight connector to remove it.

Now that you have the headlights removed, place them in a clean working area, so you doh dust all over the thing.
Use a hairdryer on the clips to soften them allowing them to bend instead of breaking.
To begin the opening of the headlight, use the flat tip screwdriver to pry open the first clip on the headlight, the one nearest to the black rubber molding. (Now partner you have to be real careful, seen)

Get the screwdriver deep into the headlight, but keep the tip aimed as near the gray plastic backing of the assembly, to make sure that you don't break the chrome headlight housing with the tip of the screwdriver. Use leverage to pry the gray plastic piece away from the clear headlight piece. While using leverage to pry the two pieces apart, use a small knife or razor to cut through the factory glue. Continue prying and cutting. Don't go too deep with the screwdriver. You can crack the chrome housing. Pull the two pieces of the headlight apart, carefully pal. The factory glue should come apart easier, but if it is still difficult, pry and cut the glue on the bottom of the headlight.

Now that you've opened the headlight open, time to remove the orange pieces. To do this you need to remove the chrome housing from the clear headlight lens. There are two screws which hold the lens and the chrome housing together. Remove them. To remove the orange bulb cover, remove the screw that holds it in place, then make sure you replace the screw in the same hole, it will look better than if you leave the screw out. Next, to remove the orange reflector, there is one screw that holds it in, make sure you replace this screw in the same place too, so you don't lose it you know how screws like to disappear.
Put the housing, lens, and the entire headlight back together, screwing in all necessary pieces. You need to squeeze the headlight together, and make sure all of the clamps fit back on as they did originally. Then re-seal the headlight with some kind of silicone to make sure water doesn't get in.
Let it dry in the sun for a little bit before putting it back up.

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