10 reasons to shop local online

10 reasons to shop local online

Online shopping is here to stay — and for good reason. The convenience of tech-enabled shopping has become an essential mainstay in the age of COVID-19.

E-commerce is continuing to dominate the consumer playing field as spending preferences and comfort levels radically shift with our new normal and with the many perks of online shopping, it’s no surprise that consumers have turned to screens instead of stores. 

During the pandemic consumer priorities became focused on safer shopping options that allowed for saving time and money. Websites like On Mark TT (Online Marketplace Trinidad and Tobago) provide a safe and efficient place for consumers to compare, choose and purchase a variety of items from local vendors and businesses. The time spent in traffic and long checkout lines is eliminated as items are delivered securely and conveniently to your home or office location.

On Mark TT already serves as an online platform to hundreds of vendors whose businesses now have a cost-effective online presence with automated sales management and hassle-free pick-up and delivery. 

Additionally, an online store provides an increased customer base from website traffic of consumers throughout Trinidad and Tobago and customers have 24/7 access to shopping which is quite advantageous in comparison with traditional retail locations.

Here are ten reasons consumers opt to shop online.

1. Convenience

Imagine shopping in the comfort of your pajamas and fuzzy socks with a fresh cup of coffee in your hand at 5am? Online shopping is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week which means no more worrying about being too busy to get to the store or making sure you get to the shop before it closes. Rather, you can enjoy the ease of shopping on your own time, wearing whatever you want, from wherever you are. 

2. Better Savings

Online shopping saves money that would have been spent on gas or transportation trying to get to several different stores for different items. Also, online businesses tend to have sales and specials more often than physical shops as these can be activated and announced much easier online. 

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3. Better Prices

Retailers selling online have less overhead costs and so this often translates to better prices for consumers. Cheaper deals are also possible as products come to you directly from the manufacturer or seller without involving middlemen. Plus, it’s easier to compare prices from vendors to find the best deal. 

4. More Variety

A physical store can only hold what can fit at the location, however online stores do not have a limit. When shopping online therefore, there are more options which are readily available for purchase. And as vendors list new items daily at On Mark TT, there is always more to browse and buy.

5. No Crowds

A major advantage to online shopping is that there is no traffic, no parking spot searches and no long checkout lines to waste your time or ruin your mood. Online shopping is quick and easy – just click and purchase and receive at your door.

6. Saves time

Forget about having to wait until the weekend to go look for an item because store hours conflict with your work-week schedule. When shopping online you can simply order it online and have it delivered in a couple working days so you spend your days off relaxing or doing something more important or worthwhile.

7. Helping Small Local Businesses

Online platforms such as On Mark TT allows many small businesses to sell on the platforms. During the pandemic many local small merchants who were forced to close their stores are still able to sell their goods online and earn income. Some persons who ventured into home businesses were also able to easily garner product awareness and online sales.

8. Discreet Purchases Are Easier

Some things are better done in the privacy of your home. Online shops are best for discreet purchases for things like adult toys, underwear, sanitary products and condoms, etc without embarrassment or the discomfort felt from other shoppers or even the cashier watching and/or judging you.

9. Minimal Socializing Necessary

Online shopping is perfect for shy persons, socially-awkward individuals or even those that at the end of the day are simply tired of dealing with other people. It requires little to no interaction besides a brief exchange at the point of delivery. There is no need to ask about product availability, options available or price. All information is displayed for you to simply choose your preference and purchase.  

10. Easy Gift Giving

You live in Diego Martin but your sister and niece live in San Fernando. Or you live in Chaguanas and your grandmother lives in Tobago. You can now very conveniently order a gift online and have it delivered directly to the recipient all in the same transaction.  At On Mark TT, you can pick the item, pay for it online and choose the intended delivery address therefore enabling a simple, easy, convenient and safe option for gift giving.

Shopping online is typically done with credit cards which is an option but paying via linx or cash on delivery is offered when making purchases at On Mark TT. There’s no need to hesitantly make deposits or transfers to anyone’s bank account and anxiously hope to receive your item. 

Choose whichever payment method you prefer with the assurance that items will be delivered and trusting that with any issues, refunds and returns can be easily facilitated.  

Visit www.onmarktt.com today for fast, convenient shopping. Also, if you are a merchant, check them out to sell your products hassle-free.

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