2021 TTPBA Powerboat Championship about to kick off

2021 TTPBA Powerboat Championship about to kick off

The 2021 Trinidad & Tobago Powerboat Association (TTPBA) championship is set to kick off this coming Sunday 7th February. 

The TTPBA have been fortunate to get approvals to host their 2021 National Championship season which will consist of at least 5 regattas between February and July. Due to the Covid-19 protocols, these will be held offshore and not at a venue.

The newly elected committee plans to bring the racing to the fans via Live stream. The logistics of this are still being worked on this and by the second regatta should have a quality product to offer the public both locally and internationally. You can check the proposed dates of the entire 2021 season on our automotive events calendar.

The association is also happy to welcome back 3 boats that have not competed in over 2 years along with some new class entrants. The executive are excited to have 18 entrants in their first event. Three teams that sat out for more than two years have returned. They are the 2018 UIM world record holder Motul Monster. They rejoin the 130 mph A Class and will certainly be the team to beat. Stampede and Global Warmer, world renowned Fountains return respectively to the 120 mph B Class and the 95 mph D Class. New entrants in the 60 mph G Class are Devil’s Advocate and Knot In Slow Motion. They are the only entrants in this class with inboard V8 power. 


Spectators can expect an exciting season of class and overall battles: ”The 60 mph G Class should be very exciting with potentially 8 – 10 boats competing. Soul Rebel owned by John La Quis and a former Great Race winner is going to the dark horse. But very experiences teams such as Gilson Smith of Timeless and Chad Viera of Devil’s Advocate will provide stiff competition. It can be anyone’s trophy at the end of the year in this class.”

The return of the 120 mph B Class will be keenly contested by Ironman and Stampede. Mobil Outlaw and the Ross boys will be the favorites’ to repeat in the 80 mph E Class and Jonathan Tardieu of Extreme Measures is very confident of dominating the 70 mph F Class.

In some major news coming out this week the TTPBA announced the potential entry of 3 international teams for this year’s ‘Great Race’.  “Yes we have serious interest with three boats. DF Young driven by Marc Granet, the former Miss GEICO driver is a 50 foot Mystic which would compete in the 130 mph A Class and Lucas Oil who wants to return as they say they have unfinished business with Motul Monster. They came 2nd behind Monster in the 2018 Great Race. Additionally, there is a 42 foot MTI out of the Lake of the Ozarks interested in running in the 120 mph B Class. It will all depend on what are the Covid 19 protocols are and if the borders will be open.”

The club is on a mission to make the ‘Great Race’ bigger and better in the coming years. “Our intentions are for Trinidad & Tobago to be a destination for international racing so that we may have a true international event here in 2022, however Covid 19 will put a damper on this”.

Over the past few weeks teams have been hard at work preparing and testing their machines for the upcoming championship. Check out some photos below from Ironman and Monster testing sessions. Stay tuned right here on TriniTuner.com for continuing coverage of the 2021 powerboat racing season. 

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