3 Benefits of using GPS Tracking in Business

3 Benefits of using GPS Tracking in Business

Jesse Lingard scored with the last kick of the season and Twitter went wild. Don’t check now but at the time of this blog, more than an hour after the goal, he was still the #1 trending topic. Now you may be asking, what does Jesse Lingard and GPS Tracking have in common? As far as I know, absolutely nothing. But now that I have your attention, let’s discuss what I do know – How GPS Tracking Solutions can benefit your business.

In our last blog, we brought you up to speed on what were GPS Tracking systems and how GPS systems work. With Covid 19, it cannot be over emphasized the need for innovation, evolution and differentiation within the world of business. While some entrepreneurs have decided to either cut back on operating expenses totally and/or refocus their company’s goals (no pun intended) and objectives, others have decided to increase their expenditure on areas where it matters most – on the use of modern day technology to effectively respond to the changing needs of their consumers. GPS Tracking Solutions can help businesses to do exactly that. If your bottom line is based on managing a fleet of vehicles, here are three (3) ways GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions can benefit your business:

Improved Productivity

GPS Fleet Tracking allows for full real time visibility into all vehicle locations. This allows for you to know exactly where your vehicles are, the physical routes traveled and the actual time taken to get to various points for the handover of deliverables. It also encourages better use of work time by drivers with the knowledge that they are being monitored.  This crucial information gathered through the use of GPS Tracking helps in the effective planning of services, increasing accountability of employees and with its real time visibility and Geofence notifications, allow you to practically run your business from any smart device.

Improved Asset Security

The use of GPS Fleet Tracking helps in reducing the possibilities of and the opportunities for your vehicles being stolen. It also increases the chances of it being recovered. This is a big plus with insurance companies and contributes to lower insurance rates. With your Geofences notifications, you will be notified of any movements of your vehicles, especially during non- working hours. GPS Fleet Tracking reinforces the use of your vehicles strictly for work related activities which lessens the wear and tear on your vehicles and reduces the cost of maintenance and wasted fuel.

Better Customer Experience

In business, you are nothing if you do not have customers. The late great Steve Jobs once said, “Customers don’t measure you on how hard you tried, they measure you on what you deliver”. GPS Fleet Tracking helps you to deliver improved and efficient customer service by first, being able to accurately bill them for services rendered by using data such as onsite arrival time and job duration. Secondly, by knowing where your vehicles are, it also allows for you to be consistent with arrival times, treat emergencies in real time and communicate and update your customers as situations occur.

Businesses that implement GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions can give themselves an advantage over the competition. With our Cylo Tracking services and products, you will have the potential to improve productivity, improve asset security and have better customer service. Together, these benefits allow you to run a smarter and more efficient business.

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