48 Competitors qualify for racing in the TTASA eSports Motul Digital Cup

48 Competitors qualify for racing in the TTASA eSports Motul Digital Cup

The Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sports Association’s inaugural eSports series kicked off with a bang!

There was an overwhelming 50+ entries ranging from actual race car drivers to avid enthusiasts trying their hand at this form of motorsport. Competitors from all over the country racing from the safety of their own homes during lockdown measures. One competitor will be competing from his workplace on an offshore rig! He’s hoping for good weather to help his internet connection as he competes.

The first round of qualifying started on Wednesday 27th May, 2020, however due to the amount of competitors the qualifying sessions were spread across three nights, with two sessions per night.

For the qualifying sessions, all competitors are required to use the Mazda Roadster Touring car, on the Brands Hatch GP Circuit with regulated settings such as set tyre compound, tyre wear and fuel consumption to equalize the playing field.

Thus far the Top 5 competitors have been within 1 second of each other on the circuit.

In first place it’s Brandon “Drift_bratt” Steele, well known racer and drifter locally, who has been dominating the qualifying with – get this – a standard PS4 controller. Among a field of competitors who found solace in the various steering wheel and pedal set ups such as the Logitech G-Series, Brandon has left the community in awe with a time a of 1:34.838….the only 1:34 qualifying.

In second place it’s Garvin Daniel informally known as “ERS_BadGuyCali” with a 1:35.252, a smidge ahead of young Allan “AJForbed26” Forbes with his consistent 1:35.311 time.

Trailing behind in fourth it’s the familiar sim-racer Andrew Marsan, or as the community knows him “DOHSAYSO”, well I’m telling you so…because he’s right behind Frobes with a 1:35.330.

In less than a stone’s throw away, it’s “ISLANDPARADISE” Steven Hosein, well-known local racer in a time of 1:35.345.

TTASA circuit racer Neil Gopeesingh was edged out of the top 5 with a fastest lap time of 1:35.387

TTASA eSports FIA GT SPORT Live Stream Replay Qualifier 3

The Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sport Association invites you to tune into the Quarter Finals live stream at 7PM on Monday 1st June, 2020, on the “TTASA eSports” Channel.

The Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sport Association thanks its competitors, spectators and sponsors Motul Lubricants, Trap-Speed-Simulators, Rent-A-Studio, GarageFresh and TriniTuner.com.

See the below qualifying results.


Here are the grid positions for the 4 Quarter Final races coming up on Monday 1st June 2020. Be sure to tune in to the Live Stream on Monday night at 7pm!



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