5 Fluids for the Road this Christmas Season

5 Fluids for the Road this Christmas Season

It is Christmas time again! Beastly cold sorrel and gingerbeer in our cups, keeping us hydrated while we embark upon our Christmas shopping for the next couple of weeks. Just like our bodies, our vehicles must get their fluids in as well this season, especially if you plan on getting to your shopping locations or visiting family and friends via car. 

There is so much to be done in preparation for the end-of-year celebrations, and chances are, we may jump in the driver’s seat, start the ignition and head off to the malls without much thought on the inner workings of our vehicles. Instead, we place most of our attention on tires, brakes, and light when and while those parts are essential, the fluids require equal attention. 

Top up these 5 Fluids before you hit the road this season:

  1. Brake fluid: the hydraulic brake system in your vehicle relies on this fluid to create pressure which causes the car to stop, keeping you safe.
  2. Coolant: Take a quick look under the hood at your coolant level to ensure you are not low on this fluid. Keep your engine cool and avoid overheating on your journeys.
  3. Engine oil: This fluid keeps the working parts within the engine lubricated and clean, making it a vital fluid to check before you head out. 
  4. Power steering: This fluid allows you to manoeuvre the steering wheel seamlessly. You should check this fluid about once a month. 
  5. Transmission fluid: Ensures the gears in your engine run smoothly. Make sure your vehicle is leak-free, and if you do leak, have it checked out immediately. 

Tip: Be sure not to go over the max fill lines in the respective fluid containers.

You’ve made it to and from all your Christmas 2021 road trips without any hiccups – yay!  Make sure to continue keeping track of your mileage and when your next service should be. If you are creeping up to that number, book your car in to be serviced after the holidays. Remaining on top of vehicle maintenance is the best way to ensure its safety, healthy, long life!

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