5-Team Trini contingent head to Rally Jamaica 2012

5-Team Trini contingent head to Rally Jamaica 2012

The 5-team lineup for Team TnT heading to Jamaica is as follows:
1. John Powell / Nicholas Telfer – WRC Subaru S14
2. Cristian Bourne / Jesu de Gannes – Mitsubishi Evo 8 – Grp N
3. Robert Cadiz / Peter Clarke – Mitsubishi Evo 8 – Grp N
4. Latiff Khan / Vernon Mohansingh – Mitsubishi Evo 7 – Grp A
5. Ryan Peyrau / Barry Mckenzie – Suzuki Swift Sport – 2WD

Powell was a last minute addition to the Team as he had previously withdrawn from the event as a result of the Ear condition suffered during Spain. Thankfully he was able to have it properly diagnosed and the condition has responded very well with treatment over the last 2 weeks. His condition was confirmed to be good especially after his 125km gravel test in the Evo X on Sunday in Bronte. Some of the TTRC exec, and a loyal contingent of marshals helped Powell lock down an 11km course which was repeated sometimes up to 4 times in a loop, giving Powell a fair chance at determining his ability after sometimes 35min of driving continuously.
This from Powell – “I felt really relieved to be back in the car and not suffering anything close to what i was dealing with in Spain. I was very happy to have the support of the TTRC in this regard making it possible for me to drive this mileage continuously and safely. I wasn’t fully 100% today but with another week before Jamaica, i think i’ll be fine. The aim is obviously to defend the title in Jamaica but it will be very tough this year with Jeffrey (Panton) in the Focus, and of course Sean (Gill) in the SX4. We will certainly do our best.

To follow John’s comments, the WRC battle is going to be hot in Jamaica. This is almost deja vu of the battle that took place earlier this year in Rally Trinidad. However this time around Panton has a lot more seat time in the car and more importantly he’ll be on home turf. The odds favour might favour Panton going in to the event, but Powell has a lot more seat time over him this year, and of course you cannot count Sean Gill out of this one by any means. Gill came extremely close to winning Trinidad and Barbados with 2 very unfortunate DNF’s on the last day of both events, and will surely be coming with everything the SX4 has to Jamaica to wind out the last Rally for the year.

Rally Jamaica is a very similar format to Trinidad with 4-6 different stages being run over Saturday and Sunday, and a tarmac super special in Kingston to close off the Rally. The local boys should be at home with the surface and once they finish they should place well. Peyrau will have his hands full with some very quick and reliable 2WD cars including half Trini half Jamaican Bobby Marshall.

Also going will be the TTRC’s adopted Bajans of James Betts, and Harold Morley. Harold has Ken Mohammed from Trinidad sitting with him also. The tentative start list is as follows – NOT THE SEEDING ORDER. Seeding will be done on Thursday night. Stay tuned folks, will try to keep you guys updated as best we can.

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1 John Powell (TRI)/Nicholas Telfer (TRI) Subaru Impreza S14 WRC JA9
2 Sean Gill (BDS)/Michael Cummins (BDS) 2003 Suzuki SX4 WRC JA9
3 Jeffrey Panton/Michael Fennell Jr Ford Focus WRC JA9
4 Andrew Balbour/Franz Forde 1989 Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg JA8
5 Garth Ankeny (USA)/Russ Kraushaar (USA) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 3 JA8
6 Latiff Khan (TRI)/ Vernon Mohansingh (TRI) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 JA8
7 James Betts (BDS)/Jason Costelloe (BDS) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5 JA8
8 Harold Morley (BDS)/TBD Subaru Impreza JN8
9 Peter Jaggon/Victor Handal Subaru Impreza JN8
10 Spencer Whittingham/Cory Miller Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5 JN8
11 Cristian Bourne (TRI)/Jesu de Gannes (TRI) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 JN8
12 Robert Cadiz (TRI) /Peter Clarke (JAM) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 JN8
13 Steve Ollivierre (SV)/David Jackson (SV) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 JN8
14 Joel Jackson/Robert Thelwell Subaru Impreza JN8
15 Thomas Hall/Dmitri Dawkins Toyota Starlet JA4
16 Rhoan Jones/Walton Small Hyundai Excel JA4
17 Keith Saunders/Sean Pierre Chevrolet Chevette JA3
18 Bobby Marshall/TBD Mitsubishi Mirage RS JA3
19 Christopher McFarlane/Wayne Piper Mitsubishi Lancer GT JA3
20 Dion Gardner/Hugh Hutchinson Mitsubishi Mirage RS JA2
21 Daryl King/Rameses McGregor Honda Civic JA2
22 Troy Bernard/Roger Brown Honda CRX JA2
23 Jordan Powell/Robert Bahadoorsingh Toyota Corolla FX JA2
24 Ryan Peryau (TRI)/TBD Suzuki Swift Sport JA2
25 Sebastian Rae/Sean Phillips Mitsubishi Mirage RS JA2
26 Matthew Gore/Raymond Farquharson Toyota Starlet JA2
27 Jason Lawson/Katryna Lawson 1986 Toyota Corolla GT JN2

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