5 Tips to Improve Productivity With Your Gadgets

5 Tips to Improve Productivity With Your Gadgets

In a world that is constantly distracted with technology, media, work overloads, and lifestyle, it can seem impossible to truly focus on any one thing. Whether you work from home or in the office most spaces have become incubators for multi-tasking. When distractions abound productivity goes down as does value. Unless you are living under a rock and off-grid, the answers to more productivity can lie in gadgets.

Gadgets might even be considered a part of the distraction, but they are also one of the answers. There are gadgets for helping people stay healthy, gadgets for keeping a home or space clean, mini gadgets and gadgets for productivity. Productivity is one of the most important qualities in an employee. The ability to stay on task can become quite the challenge in this distracted world.

Here are five tips for improving productivity with your gadgets.

  1. Necessity For Focusing on the Task At Hand

Almost every aspect of our lives contains possible gadgets that we use to help accomplish everyday tasks. When it comes to productivity, the key is to only have around what is completely necessary. There will be the tools you need to work with such as a computer, hammer and saw, or pencil and paper. Sometimes a gadget will maximize your tools and become a great benefit to your production.

Someone who works on a multi-layered project might benefit from a three-screen add-on applied to their laptop. This will help visually see all sides of a project while keeping them separate and clear. This helps relieve the brain from having to hold all the information mentally. A screen add-on can take a single screen up to four screens on one device.

  1. Focus

There are many ways you can look at gadgets. They can either be something that provides a distraction or the things that help you focus while muting other distractions. For many people focus is a hard thing to achieve. There are also different ways in which people work better. Some see small distractions as helpful and providing variance to a dull task. Others will be sidetracked and lose focus if there are too many interruptions. There are gadgets to support all of these ways of working.

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Noise-canceling headphones are an example of a gadget that will help those that are distracted by small sounds that might be taking place at work. All of the senses are made to take in information and let them interact with the body. Most people have a couple of senses that they use most in taking in information as well as the sense they are sensitive to. If hearing and sound is a particular distraction for you, noise-canceling headphones could help your productivity greatly.

By dulling one sense we ignite another. While looking at a computer, your visual sense is being used most. By shutting down noise interference, your visual sense will increase. Some people work better with noise interference. If you work from home the quiet might become something that distracts you. Therefore, you might want to invest in a gadget that produces background or white noise. A white noise machine can mute out clutter sounds while generating an energy noise that helps some focus.

  1. Knowing Sensory Stimulants and Relaxants

How will we know if a gadget will provide us with more entertainment than productivity? We all have a unique set of sensory perception. By getting in touch with yours, you will be able to find the gadgets that help stimulate you when needed, as well as relax what is overstimulated. Some of the most popular gadgets of 2020 are focused on products that satisfy the need to fidget. Touch is one of the five main senses.

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Often fidgeting helps some receive physical stimulation allowing the other senses to focus. Playing to the senses as a way to focus can have positive and negative effects. Once we begin to divulge one of our senses we might take it too far. The makers of the Fidget Pen made a product because of this. They created a pen that has many different fidget buttons and clicks. This was created to keep the hand busy, so the pen doesn’t end up in the mouth. Stress can compound fidgeting and often becomes harmful when we use pencils and pens as jawbreakers. When the senses experience balance, productivity skyrockets.

  1. Gadgets for Restoration

One of the negatives created by a culture obsessed with work productivity is the lack of break and rest time. It is proven that the more rest and restorative time is given to employees the more focused and productive they become.

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If you are in the category of the workaholic, obtaining gadgets to improve productivity might not work the way you think. It might actually improve your productivity to focus on forming better habits around health, rest, and taking breaks. As this concept is accepted into the work culture a plethora of gadgets have been made to track breathing, movement tracking, sleep quality, and onscreen time. Fitness bracelets track pulse, movement, sedentary time and intensity of a workout, in order to keep track of your physical well being. It can motivate you to get to the gym or get outside and talk a walk.

  1. Identify Your Needs In Focus

When we identify what our needs are in a given situation, it becomes very clear what action we should take. In a world inundated with gadgets, it can become easily its own distraction of consumerism. For productivity, identify what you need to be your most productive. Finding gadgets that help fill that need will be most helpful in improving your overall productivity.

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