6 Ways to Give Your Car Some Needed Care

6 Ways to Give Your Car Some Needed Care

It is easy to take your car for granted, you buy one and take it home and now you are the proud owner of a fine car. It’s something that you will use almost every day, whether it is commuting to work, going to the mall for your weekly groceries, attending an education program, or simply driving for pleasure in the countryside, your car is always there. That is until one day it won’t start or feels wrong when you drive it. This will happen to everybody at some point, but there are ways to prevent it from happening very often. 

Cars are like any other machine and need some care and attention from time to time, much like any human or your pets. Regular maintenance is key to preventing anything serious from happening to your car. Not only will maintaining your car help to prevent large bills for repairs that could have been avoided, but prevents the inconvenience of your car being in a garage and you have to find alternative means of transport. There are many simple tips to keeping your car running in first-class shape, including, changing the oil, checking tire pressure, or even making the switch to summer tires, and changing the air filters. Simple and inexpensive, these small maintenance tips can save you lots of your hard-earned money in the future. Here are some of the most common ways to keep your car running correctly.

1: Use Time at The Gas Station to Clean The Windshield 

Every time we stop at a gas station and wait for the car to fill up we have time to spare. It may not seem like the most important task to maintaining your car but cleaning your windshield can help to prevent any potential damage to the car and yourself. After a long drive, the windshield is covered in insect bodies, dust, and dirt that can be a hazard. Anything that reduces your view from the car is something that needs to be addressed and what better time than at the gas station. Often attendants will offer to clean the windshield for you, if not they will provide the means for you to do it yourself before continuing on your journey, also it is an ideal time to quickly clean your headlights whilst you have the tools at hand. A clean windshield could help to prevent an accident.

2: Check Your Oil Levels And Top Up If Necessary 

Oil is the lifeblood of your car, the car will not work without it. Oil has many purposes in a car and all are very very important to the wellbeing of the vehicle. Without oil acting as a lubricant to all your moving engine parts, you would hear some very serious grinding and crunching noises, just before total engine failure. Oil also traps and transfers the by-products of the combustion process to the oil filter, changing the filter regularly and ensuring that there is enough oil in your car is essential to the smooth running of the engine. Failure to do so can result in very expensive repairs. Consult the owner’s manual about checking the level of oil in your car, it is very quick and easy, just remember to let the car sit idle for 3 minutes to allow the oil to settle back in the pan.

3: Washing Your Car at Regular Intervals is Important  

Keeping your car clean may not seem so important and after all, it is just a bit of dirt, but depending on where you live and the conditions you drive in, it could be damaging to your car not to clean it. Accumulated dust, grim, the dreaded bird droppings, acidic rain, grease, salt, and dead bugs can if left uncleaned cause damage to your paint and metalwork. Sea salt is a very common problem if you live near the ocean, or even miles inland where the roads are often treated for ice using a salt based compound. Over time the salt can erode paint and even cause damage to the metal components, especially underneath your car. Washing your car doesn’t take long especially if you have children to help and is an ideal Sunday afternoon job. If you don’t have the time or space to do it yourself once every few weeks at a garage drive-through will suffice.

4: Change Your Air Filter Every 12000 Miles

Changing the air filter is incredibly simple and is one of the easiest tasks you can do yourself. Unlike changing the oil where you need to find a suitable place to dispose of the oil, there are no such problems with changing the air filter. You will notice a smoother running car, achieve maximum fuel efficiency, and prolong the engine life of your car. By choosing to do it yourself you can save at least half the money of a mechanic doing it for you. Just check the owner’s manual or click the link above to find the relevant information you will need.

5: Getting the Most Out of Your Tires

Tires can be quite expensive to replace so it’s ideal to get the most use you can from them before they need changing. Not all tires are born equal, but to get the best use from them it is a good idea to rotate your tires from front to back every 5000 to 10000 miles. The back tires and front tires wear differently but by rotating them you can even out the wear between them. If you are not confident of doing this yourself then take the car to a trained mechanic, they can have this done in the garage in no time at all.

6: Keep The Inside of Your Car Clean 

This is definitely something that many of us neglect to do, one thing is having the outside sparkling and waxed, but keeping the inside is equally important. It is easy on a long drive or commuting to work, stopping for a takeaway lunch or breakfast to just toss the empty packaging to the floor, with the firm intention of cleaning it up, but never getting around to it. And slowly it all accumulates until the car starts to smell or even become a driving hazard. It has been reported that empty packaging has rolled under the brake or accelerator pedals and interfered with the driving of the car. Also, it is quite embarrassing if you are picking up passengers or taking clients out to a business lunch and half your breakfast from the day before is on the seat or floor. Keeping the interior clean can also save you money when you come to sell the car. If you have allowed stains and dirt to penetrate into the furniture you will have to have it professionally cleaned.


Giving your car a bit of care and attention it deserves will only benefit you in the long run. If you follow the service guides and regularly take your car to a qualified mechanic or dealership, the car will be cheaper to run. If you neglect your car, expensive problems will arise that could have been avoided. Cars are designed to last but do need regular maintenance, some of which you can do yourself for a fraction of the cost, it is a great way to improve the understanding of your car.

Fuel rarely gets cheaper and keeping the oil fresh and topped up can save you money by ensuring the engine is consuming gas at an optimal rate. The applies to the filters on your car, if not kept clean and replaced regularly the car will underperform. As for keeping the car clean, there is no real excuse not to, see it as an extension of your home and take the same pride in your car.

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