A brap fest for the senses…..

A brap fest for the senses…..

If I were to win the lotto….*…hands clasped…*…most people could guess the first car I would buy…..one of the finest examples out of Europe, in a 40ft container with spares…..hand chosen by Frank Kelly himself…a full prep Ford Escort MK II. I would buy “Baby Blue” but since the Kellys have become heroes on the world rally calendar, the price is a bit too much.

However, the select few who know me very well, would know my first stop would be to Japan. Panspeed, Feed, R Magic, Scoot and of course….Re Amemiya. The choice of 1st vs 3rd Gen. Rx-7….or my recent love affair with the 2nd. 3 rotors vs 4 rotors. N/A vs boost…..Bridge or Peri….then there is the RE series. Wallerfield was the best sounding place in Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday, yes I know there were other events but nothing came close to the sound of brap. Part greet and meet, part swap meet, part car show, part gape fest and the chance to make some laps on the circuit. Despite other parts of the country being drenched in rain, the sun baked the area at 10,000 rpm all day long.

Highlights…..many. One was green, another was yellow, there was a Datsun 120y in the mix and the man whose real heart I’m certain is a rotor, Dale Mayers brought his rotary powered rail dragster. Rx-8s were aplenty in all various states of dress, factory to cos play. It was surreal to hear the stories of how cars were accquired, the time and expense that goes into restoring some of the REs…..which by the way are 45 years young…! I was still in liquid form when they came out.

Thanks to all who came out, Devin Latchman for the transport, Rae Smith for lending his voice to all things automotive ( I owe you Rae), Southern Sales, TTASA, TriniTuner, Maztune and others who I can’t remember. The full album can be seen on the madda badda website, TriniTuner.com. Those tryin to find me on Instagram….yeah I changed handles, it’s now @gewil_photo.

…till next time.

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